#1430 The 15 Rules of Grit

Via Darrin Donnelly’s Old School Grit

Continuing our tour through Darrin Donnelly’s Sports for the Soul series, Today we’re going to talk about some more ways to cultivate Old School Grit.

In his fable about a retiring NCAA coach sharing wisdom with his grandchildren during his final March Madness, Darrin has his Hero-Guide share 15 Rules of Grit.

Here they are:

Rule #1: Don’t Accept Your Fate, Create Your Destiny.

Rule #2: You’ll Only Achieve What You Believe You Can Achieve.

Rule #3: Embrace the Pressure.

Rule #4: Finish Strong.

Rule #5: Find Something You Love to Do and Stick with It.

Rule #6: Keep Moving Forward.

Rule #7: Put the Needs of Others Above Your Own.

Rule #8: Live for a Purpose Greater than Yourself.

Rule #9: Eliminate Negative Influences.

Rule #10: Effort Trumps Talent.

Rule #11: Focus on Only the Things You Can Control.

Rule #12: Don’t Waste a Day.

Rule #13: Life Is a Series of Wins and Lessons.

Rule #14: Don’t Put Off Pursuing Your Dreams.

Rule #15: Don’t Quit. Don’t Ever Quit.

That’s Today’s +1.

Now it’s time to move from warm and fuzzy and inspiring Theory to the hard work of Practice to the even harder gritty work of Mastery Together TODAY.

Let’s open up our Heroic Toolbox and practice some Heroic Self-Encouragement.

Please reach into that Toolbox and grab a flashlight AND a hammer.

First, let’s shine the flashlight of awareness on what’s working AND what needs work.

Q1: Which of those Rules of Grit are you dominating?

Pick one. Awesome. Go you! Celebrate it!

Q2: Which of those Rules of Grit are you weakest at?

Pick one. Perfect. You’re human. Needs work it!


Put the flashlight to the side.

Pick up the hammer.

What’s ONE THING you KNOW you could be doing that, if you did it consistently, would most powerfully change your life?



What is it?

Let’s state it clearly…

If I did THIS SPECIFIC BEHAVIOR more consistently, I would change my life.


Go do it.

With old school grit backed by modern science.


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