#856 Practicing with Kobe (At 4am)

Wonder What We’ll Work On…

In our last +1, we chatted about The Comparison Game with Alan Stein.

Remember: The odds of us losing that game are (precisely!) 100%.

So… Let’s stop playing it. (Heal those soul ulcers, yo!!)

Today I want to chat about another great wisdom gem from Alan’s great book Raise Your Game.

I mentioned that Alan is a peak performance coach. He’s worked with some of the best basketball players in the world. Including Kobe Bryant.

Quick story: Nike flew Alan out to LA to work the first-ever Kobe Bryant Skills Academy. At the time, Kobe was the best in the world. Alan asked Kobe if he could watch him work out.

As Alan says: “That’s how it is in my business. Everyone can see the game, but to really learn the secrets, you have to watch the practice. It’s the difference between buying Jay-Z’s album and sitting in the studio watching him write and record one.

So… Alan asked Kobe if he can watch his workout.

Kobe says: “Sure. I’m going at four.

Alan says: “But don’t we have a camp session at three thirty tomorrow afternoon?

Kobe says: “I know. I’m working out at four a.m.’

Alan goes: 😲

Alan shows up at 4am. What did he see?

Well: “For forty-five minutes I was shocked. For forty-five minutes I watched the best player in the world do the most basic drills. I watched the best player on the planet do basic ball-handling drills. I watched the best player on the planet do basic footwork. I watched the best player on the planet do basic offensive moves.

And: “Granted, he did everything with surgical precision and super-hero intensity, but the stuff he was doing was so simple. I couldn’t believe it.

Later in the day he thanked Kobe. He didn’t want to sound rude or condescending but couldn’t resist asking him: “You’re the best player in the world. Why do such basic stuff?

Kobe’s response? Alan says: “He flashed that gleaming smile of his. ‘Why do you think I’m the best player in the game?’ he asked. ‘Because I never get bored with the basics.’

That’s Today’s +1.

How are YOUR basics?

Rock them Today.


See you in the gym at 4am tomorrow.

I look forward to working on my fundies on one side of the court while you rock yours on the other.

High fives and let’s do this!!

🙌 🏀 🙌

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