#59 Mistakes? They’re Just Mis-takes

You As the Director of Your Life

Imagine yourself as the Director of a movie.

Huge budget. You have an amazing crew. Best actors in the world and an impeccable script.

Question: Do you think you’re going to film the whole movie in one long, perfect take?

Even with decades of experience and the best of everything you know that’s ABSURD!!!

Of course you’re going to have to re-do most scenes. Some over and over and over again until you get them right.

Those are all just mis-takes.

No big deal.

All part of the process, right?

Well, guess what? Same rules apply to that life of yours you’re Directing.

You WILL need to re-shoot some scenes. A lot of them. Some A TON of times.

Those mistakes you’re making? They’re really just “mis-takes.”

Not a big deal. Just step back and take another shot at it. You’ve got this!

Your +1 for today: Go break a leg.

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