#308 Flea Baths

Need to Give Yourself One?

A few +1s ago, we talked about T Harv Eker’s idea that our “problems” are only problems in relationship to how we’re showing up.

Quick recap: If you’re being a Size 1 person, a Size 3 problem will look huge. But, if you’re being a Size 5 or 7 or 9 person, that Size 3 problem doesn’t look like as big of a deal.

Moral of the story: We don’t want to be flea-sized people and let little things bother us.


The other day Emerson and I were driving home from Whole Foods (which happens to be one of our favorite “adventure day” activities) when someone cut us off and came a little too close to hitting us. It was a little startling and good reminder of how important it is to pay attention but, ultimately, not a big deal.

We had a little chat about the importance of paying attention and then I might have used it as a philosophical teaching opportunity — telling him that it was no big deal and that, in fact, you’d have to be a flea-sized person to let something like that bother you beyond the moment of reflection.

Fast-forward to later in the day.

Something happens while we’re at home. It’s not a big deal but I find myself getting a little annoyed.

Enter: Philosopher, Jr. who pipes in, “That’s no big deal! You’d have to be a FLEA-SIZED PERSON to let that bother you!”


Yes. It’s true. And, for awhile there we were blessed to have Emerson reminding us EVERY time we found ourselves getting a little frustrated that we’d need to be fleas to let that bother us. And, the wisdom-joke has evolved to include, “Do you need a flea bath?!”

And, so it is. God bless our kids.

Today’s +1.

Are you letting tiny little things frustrate you more than you need to?

Do you need a flea bath?

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