#357 Big 3: Decade View + Core Habits

Energy + Love + Work ← Yours?

In our last couple +1s we talked about taking the decade-long view of our lives. Then we chatted about how to create great days consistently.

Again: You do those exercises?

You take the time to step back and see the big picture? Then do a quick inventory of the core habits that help you have amazing days? If so, fantastic. If not, get on that! 🙂

When I did the exercises, I found myself mapping out my decade view according to our Big 3: Energy + Family + Service.

Although I’ve actually iterated the Big 3 to Energy + Love + Work.

As Freud once said: “Love and work are the cornerstones of our humanness.”

← Amen to that. And, of course, we need the Energy to give to our Love and Work therefore, we’d be wise to start with Energy.

What I like is how our Big 3 model allows us to capture BOTH the Decade View AND the core habits that will help us make that vision a reality.

Here’s a quick look at what my Big 3 looks like this morning (always Optimizing!):

(Click here to view as a table.)


Decade Identity
World-Class Athlete + All Green on my blood work from WellnessFX = super healthy + super fit = super good

Radiantly alive, Energized, Grounded, Strong, Confident.

Daily Habits
Trail (hike/run) and my 1 + 10 + 100 + 1,000 + 10,000 + Digital Sunset


Decade Identity
Happily Married (celebrating 20+ years!) + BFFs (Emerson: 15; Eleanor; 10)

Loving. Present. Playful. Patient. Joyful.

Daily Habits
1-on-1 time with the kids. AM time. Shut-down complete!


Decade Identity
Philosopher + CEO of Optimize Enterprises, Public Benefit Corporation: $100m+ biz serving 1m+ people

Creative. Courageous. Actualizing. Profound service. On purpose. Euthymia.

Daily Habits
Deep Work. Relentless Forward Motion.

Today’s +1. Print out and fill out the Worksheet for this +1.

Let’s have that Decade View.

And then pull that future (with all our might!) into our present reality one Masterpiece Day at a time.

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