#1153 Before All Else

Try to Be Consistent

In our last +1, we hung out with Tom Morris and Seneca.

As you may recall, Seneca reminded us that it’s in overcoming the challenges in our lives that we develop the deepest sense of (antifragile!) confidence.

Then he told us that, in fact, “Disaster is virtue’s opportunity.


Disaster is an OPPORTUNITY to do the very thing we say we are committed to doing—live with virtue.

You know what else Seneca tells us?

He says: “Make progress, and, before all else, try hard to be consistent with yourself.”

We’ll break that down into two parts.

Part I: “Make progress.”

Note: Seneca isn’t telling us, “Be perfect!” That would be insane. He’s telling us to focus on MAKING PROGRESS.

Can we practice our philosophy just a little more Today? That’s progress.

When we get knocked off balance, can we get back up a littler faster? That’s progress.

That’s the goal.

Aggregate and compound those tiny little gains (progress!!) over an extended period of time and… VOILA. Magic.

Part II: “Before all else, try hard to be consistent with yourself.”


BEFORE ALL ELSE (!!), try hard to be consistent with yourself.

That’s Today’s +1.

Are YOU being consistent with yourself?

Are you doing the things that you KNOW help you stay plugged in?

Not once in a while or, even worse, when you feel like it (🤢 🤮) but day in and day out.



And tomorrow.


Moment to moment to moment for as many moments as we’re blessed to have…

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