#844 9 to 12 Months?

No Thanks. I’ll take 3, Please!

As we’ve discussed, I am now bionic. (Go me!)

Today I’d like to give you a fun little update on a very important subject: Burpees!! (And then, of course, shine the spotlight back on you.)


After putting the 20+ screws in my arm, my fantastic surgeon (thank you, Dr. D!) told me it would be 9 to 12 months before I did a burpee.

Insert: Sad face. 😢

Actually, make that a very sad face. 😭

I mean, I hadn’t missed a day of doing 100+ burpees for years!! 😿

Being an aspiring antifragile Stoic, I wiped away the tears after my brief mourning period and figured I’d have fun being an outlier on that normal recovery prognosis.

Then I synchronistically ran into one of our Optimize Coaches at the grocery store on the way home from that meeting with the surgeon. (Go Dr. Julie Beck!!!)

Julie and I agreed that it would be fun to do my first burpee in half the time—4.5 months post surgery. Obviously, being smart about it, etc.

Then we got to work.



I did my first burpee the other day.

3 months and 5 days post surgery. 🤓

Kinda excited about it.

In our next +1, we’ll talk about some details of some of the things I did that I think influenced the accelerated recovery process (+1 incremental Optimization for the win!!).

For Today…

Got any projects on which you’d like to be an outlier?

High fives and happy burpees!!

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