#594 10,000 Micro-Hero’s Journeys

The Phone Is Ringing All Day Every Day

In our last +1, we talked about you and Jay-Z in the studio of life. 10,000 potential micro-hero’s journeys. Every single day.

Did you show up and answer the call yesterday?

Today, I want to be super clear: That studio? It has no walls.

EVERY SINGLE MOMENT life is inviting you to, as Maslow says, step forward into growth or back into safety.

Forward into growth or back into safety?
Forward into growth or back into safety?
Forward into growth or back into safety?

+1 or -1?
+1 or -1?
+1 or -1?

Not once a day. Or twice. Or ten times.

10,000 times.

At least.

Of course, we talk about this all the time. For a very specific reason. It’s kind of important. 🤓

Today’s +1.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it: See if you can notice that little voice whispering in your ear throughout the day—inviting you to express the best version of you.

Let’s have fun answering that call to heroic-micro adventure and know that all those little +1 steps forward into the next-best-version of ourselves ADD UP!!

I heard that when we aggregate and compound all those tiny little incremental gains something magical happens… 🦄

Here’s to the nonstop micro-hero’s journeys that make our lives so awesome.

+1. +1. +1. +1. +1. +1. +1. +1. +1. +1. +1. +1. +1. +1. +1. +1. +1. +1. +1. +1. +1. +1. +1. +1. +1. +1. +1. x 10,000+. Repeat tomorrow.

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