We're ALL IN on Two Things:

#1 = Individual = Serving YOU as powerfully and profoundly as we possibly can… by helping you move from Theory to Practice to Mastery so you can flourish in your Energy, Work, and Love. TODAY!

#2 = Collective = Helping to create a world in which 51% of humanity is flourishing by the year 2051.

As you’ve heard potentially hundreds (if not thousands) of times by now…

Let’s change the world.

One person at a time.


Starting with you and me and us.




To better support with transformation on the individual level (#1), we’re focusing all of our energy, resources, and assets into a SINGLE, integrated, HEROIC platform that includes EVERYTHING we’ve created and/or acquired so far.


In addition to integrating all of our existing awesomeness, we also just introduced a few brand new resources to help you go from Theory to Practice to Mastery.

Most notably, starting February 1st, Brian will be hosting a new type of live session EVERY. SINGLE. DAY (!!!) called Mastery Live @ 1:01pm CT.

And on top of that, he’s also kicking off a new weekly series called Heroic Chats with Masters.

Both of those new resources are available as part of our new Mastery membership.

Which brings us to our other ALL IN goal…

To better support transformation on the collective level (#2), we’re introducing a completely new membership structure that we believe will make it as simple and easy as possible for new Heroes to “answer the call” and join our community in the way that best serves them.

Our intention was to create world-class, insanely great offerings at every level: free + Premium + Mastery + Coach.

While each of these offerings contain elements from previous product, no prior membership or product maps over 1:1 with the new offerings.

And, every single type of previous paid Legacy relationship is now (or will be) getting MORE than before. Plus discounts on any additional upgrades.

We'll check out the details in just a moment. First...

Upcoming Milestones:

1. The integration of everything from Optimize into Heroic will be complete. (“Optimize is now part of Heroic!”)

2. The Optimize app is being turned off.

3. Heroic accounts and Optimize accounts will be merged, such that A) all favorited, saved, and completed content will sync into Heroic and B) login info for the Heroic app + web will be done with the SAME email and password. (With a single password reset flow, etc.)

4. The only memberships available for NEW Heroes (or legacy relationships looking to transfer or upgrade) will be the new Heroic memberships.

5. February 1st = Day 1 of Heroic Mastery, as well as Day 1 for Heroic Coach — Class XIV. 🎉

And with that, here's a look at how Legacy relationships fit into the new Heroic plans.

Note: For additional info, see the FAQ or connect with our team via support@heroic.us.

Note2: Upgrades to Lifetime Heroic Premium can be made here. Use code GYE101 for the best discount.

Note3: Upgrades to Heroic Mastery can be made here. Check email inbox for your unique code, if eligible. (Lifetime Premium members get 20% off, or 30% off if they upgrade to Mastery before Feb 1. Lifetime Coaches get 50% off a Mastery upgrade.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Learn More About Heroic Mastery?

Head to heroic.us/mastery

Can I Still Become a Lifetime Heroic Premium Member?


Just use the code GYE101 here to get Lifetime Heroic Premium for $250 until Jan 15th, at which point it will go up by $50 to $300 (from the 16th until the 25th), then to $350 (from the 26th until February 1st). Then it’s going back to its list price of $499. Yes, it pays to take action NOW. (🤠)

Note: Lifetime Heroic Premium members also get a 20% off discount on Heroic Mastery. And, if you sign up for Mastery BEFORE February 1st (Day 1 of Heroic Mastery!) then you get an EXTRA 10% OFF (for 30% off total), in perpetuity, for AS LONG AS YOU’RE A MASTERY MEMBER.

Fun: When you combine discounted Lifetime with the discounted Mastery, that means that you can get your first year of Heroic Mastery (normally $499.99/year) PLUS Lifetime Heroic Premium (now $499) for…

Now - Jan 15th: $600 total
Jan 16 - 25th: $650 tota
Jan 26th - Feb 1st: $700 total
Feb 2nd → $900 total

Plus, again, that 30% off Mastery (or 20% off if you sign up after Feb 2nd) continues in perpetuity for as long as you’re a Mastery member. 🙌

I'm a Lifetime Heroic Coach. Do I Get Mastery?

If you want it!

Heroic Mastery is new and different from what you signed up for— with the brand new Live @ 1:01pm CT with Brian EVERY (!) SINGLE (!) DAY (!) (🤯) and the new weekly Heroic Chats with Masters.


As a Lifetime Heroic Coach, we consider you to be THE force-multipliers and most powerful agents of change to help us create a world in which 51% of humanity is flourishing by the year 2051.

So we're hooking up all Lifetime Coaches who want to join Mastery with a 50% off discount. Forever.

To apply the discount, check your email inbox for the special code we sent you.

I Was in a Previous Coach Class. Do I get Mastery?

Not as part of any previously purchased products, no. (But we still love and appreciate you! 🤗)

All non-Lifetime Coaches from Classes I - XIII can get access to Mastery by signing up for a monthly or annual Mastery membership here, or (if you want all of the additional Coach awesomeness as well) by signing up for our new Coach membership that's launching with Class XIV here.

If you're also a Lifetime Heroic Premium member, make sure you apply the code we sent you during checkout!

I Can't Afford a Membership. Are there Any Options for Me?

If you live in a country where the currency conversions make that nearly (or actually) impossible to afford, let us know here. And, if you are currently experiencing financial hardships that make that nearly (or actually) impossible to afford, let us know here as well.

Note1: We’ve given away way over $1 Million worth of scholarships over the years and we’re here to help if you need it as we never want money to get in the way.

And… We stopped being so upfront about that in part because some people were taking advantage of it. Laughing but Brian used to read every scholarship note we received and the “I just bought a new iPhone and can’t afford it!” And/or “I just paid $5K for another coaching program and…” aren’t great reasons to ask for support. Love you. 🤗

So please don’t hesitate to let us know if you are truly in need as we’re here to help. Otherwise, if you don’t think our memberships will the absolute best $ you invest in yourself, we understand and love you still. 😂 🤗

And to be clear: We absolutely, unequivocally GUARANTEE (!!) that these will be THE best investments you make in yourself. If we fall short of that standard, we apologize in advance and we will immediately take care of you as per our refund policy. 🙏