Hi, Hero!

This is Brian. 👋

Happy Day 1.

Today I have some VERY (!) exciting news.


I’m at least as excited about what we’re announcing today as I was when we first launched Heroic Coach four years ago and when we launched our Heroic app last year.


More in a moment.


I want to ask you a question.

Here it is…

Do you know how long it takes for the average American to give up on their New Year’s resolutions?

Take a moment and think about that…

How long do YOU think it takes for the average American to give up on the resolutions they set for themselves on New Year’s Day?

* Cue the Jeopardy music *

Answer: 32 days.

According to a recent study, the average American gives up on their New Year’s resolutions THIRTY-TWO days into the year.


That begs another question…

How about YOU?

Did you start the year off strong with noble intentions and then kinda sorta get a little busy and then kinda sorta forget all those aspirations to make 2023 a truly HEROIC year?


Welcome to the club.


Know this…

This isn’t a new challenge.

2,000+ years ago, the wise men and women of ancient India came up for a word for this tendency WE ALL HAVE to give up on our goals when things get a little challenging.

As we’ve discussed, they called it arambhashura.

The word literally means “to be a Hero in the beginning.”

The ancient Romans talked about this tendency and had a word for it as well.

As we’ve discussed, the word mediocrity literally means “to be stuck in the middle of a rugged mountain.”

In other words, we’re mediocre (or, to put it another way: like the average American! 😉 🤗) when we give up and settle for being Heroes in the BEGINNING rather than persevering to the SUMMIT of our Heroic quests.


Giving up 32 days into making this the greatest year of our lives?



I repeat.

Giving up 32 days into making this the greatest year of our lives or at ANY POINT (!!!) in our Heroic Quests?!




It’s time to show up and do the HARD WORK of moving from Theory to Practice to Mastery Together TODAY.

Which is why, on day 32 of 2023 (the day that most people quit!) we launched a new “product” called…

Heroic Mastery

Heroic Mastery started on February 1st at precisely 1:01pm Central Time.

Mastery is for anyone who has not only heard and answered the call to their Heroic adventure-quest, but is ALL IN.

And when I say they’re “ALL IN,” I don’t just mean that they’re super committed to moving from Theory to Practice to Mastery in general, but that they also believe Heroic in particular has something to offer them that can truly help them fundamentally and permanently change their lives while making a difference in the world.

THIS is the group I’m MOST (!!) fired up to serve because it’s the Heroic Masters (and our Heroic Coaches) who can become the force multipliers who can literally change the world.

If you’re ALL IN on yourself and Heroic, I want you to know that I’m ALL IN on doing EVERYTHING (!!!) (literally—EVERYTHING!!!) I possibly can (just got tears in my eyes typing that) to help YOU (!) show up as the best, most Heroic version of yourself to MAKE SURE you are empowered to truly make 2023 the greatest year of your life while FUNDAMENTALLY and PERMANENTLY changing your life in the process.


Again… because helping YOU show up as the best, most Heroic version is the only way we can change the world together.

To help you do that, we have our Heroic Mastery program.

As a Heroic Master, you’ll get three main things: The Heroic Mastery Series, Mastery Live at 1:01, and Heroic Chats with Masters.

We'll get to the quick look below...

But first, here's a little video capturing the power of what's possible by moving from Theory to Practice to Mastery, Together, TODAY (!):

The Heroic Mastery Series

This is our guided program that has been scientifically shown to SIGNIFICANTLY change lives.

As I’ve shared before, Sonja Lyubomirsky and one of her top Ph.D. students did research on this program. She said, and I paraphrase, that if she hadn’t done the research herself, she would have thought the data was FAKE because the results were so positive.

And, as we’ve discussed and shared before, we’ve been blessed to receive qualitative data in the form of thousands of testimonials over the years. I have PERSONALLY (goosebumps) read THOUSANDS of notes and I’m deeply moved every.single.time.

Going through it with a cohort and a buddy is usually reserved for Coach participants. For our founding Heroic Masters, we’re going to match you up with a Heroic Buddy with whom you will go through the program and you’ll be able to start with our next Coach Class on FEBRUARY 1st—which will make the experience that much more powerful.

Mastery LIVE @ 1:01

As you know if you’ve been following along, moving from Theory to Practice to Mastery is ALL about CONSISTENCY. (Consistency is the exponentializer, Hero!)

If you want to FUNDAMENTALLY and PERMANENTLY change your life while making 2023 THE GREATEST YEAR EVER (!), it’s surprisingly simple.

Show up.

Not someday.


ESPECIALLY (!), as I say incessantly, on those days when you don’t feel like it.

What happens when you do that?

Longer chat but…

Your highs get higher and your lows get higher. The stressful things that used to send you off the rails into your spiral of less-than-awesome behaviors become the trigger for you to double down on your protocol and TRULY forge the antifragile confidence you need to show up as your best and do what you’re here to do.


With my Wife’s approval (very important blessing to have!), I am going to show up at 1:01pm Central Time EVERY (!) SINGLE (!!) DAY (!!!) to help YOU show up as YOUR best self EVERY (!) SINGLE (!!) DAY (!!!).

The best way to get a sense of what Mastery Live @ 1:01s are like? Check out this full-length recording from the first session:


Here’s a view of my Masterpiece Day AM and PM Bookend WINs with the new 1:01 repeating daily. 🤓

(What’s YOUR Masterpiece Day template look like? I’ll help you get more clarity on that.)

Obviously you don’t need to show up on this private Heroic Mastery Zoom at 1:01pm CT every (or any!) day but I’ll be there to help you get your Soul Force score to 101 all day every day.

We’ll start each session at 1:01pm CT with a quick 3 minute meditation during which we will hit THREE Heroic Targets—one in Energy (1-Minute Meditation 🎯), one in Work (Connect to Someone You Serve 🎯← the fastest way to deepen your purpose!), and one in Love (Appreciate Someone or Something 🎯).

Heroic Target Swipe. 🎯
Heroic Target Swipe. 🎯
Heroic Target Swipe. 🎯

Boom. Done. Soul Force to 101.

Been having a hard time moving from Theory to Practice to Mastery and getting your Soul Force score to 101 in the Heroic app?


You won’t have that problem any more after our time together.


To be clear…

Getting your Soul Force score to 101 is how, in my opinion, we will MAKE SURE (!!!) you make 2023 THE GREATEST YEAR EVER while we fundamentally and permanently change your life.

I can assure you that it is REALLY hard to have a series of REALLY bad days when you execute your protocol like you mean it.

After we hit three Heroic Targets together in our 3-minute meditation, I’m planning to share whatever practical wisdom is most alive for me that day and then I’m planning to do 1-on-1 coaching with THREE of you every day.

Speed round coaching to quickly help you move from Theory to Practice to Mastery.

If all goes as planned, I’ll coach 1,000 people in 2023.

Note1: At the risk of being immodest with the intention of establishing a value point for this coaching without being a typical lame internet marketer (😂)… If I still did private 1-on-1 coaching, I probably wouldn’t charge the $750/30 minutes one friend of mine charges but it would be close...

Btw. I’ve been thinking about doing private 1-on-1 coaching again as we lean into some Heroic Coach Pro empowerment stuff and I’ve had a number of people ask me if I would work with them. If you’re interested in that, please let me/us know here. I MIGHT work with a VERY small group of people in 2023.

Back to the every.single.day (!) 1:01pm CT sessions…

After our quick Heroic Meditation and Big 3 Target Swipes to get our Soul Force to 101 and quick practical wisdom share and speed coaching x3…

We’re going to split you all up into groups of 5-7 people so you can connect with other Heroic Masters from around the world. A sort of dynamic, daily, Heroic Mastermind group. 🌎 🚀!!

We did this at our offline event and in our New Year’s Day celebration and people LOVED IT.


All of those Mastery at 1:01 sessions will, of course, be recorded so you can watch/listen whenever you want. We’ll also cut up each of the coaching sessions and tag them so you can find coaching sessions on topics that might be especially relevant for you.

Note2: I’ve been flirting with doing this “get your Soul Force to 101 with me at 1:01pm!” idea for quite a while now. I can still remember my session with Phil Stutz when I first had the idea. It was one of those visceral, goosebumps, I HAVE TO DO THIS (!) moments.


I’ll personally be there to Coach you every single day at 1:01pm to activate your Soul Force to 101 and help you move from Theory to Practice to Mastery so we can fundamentally and permanently change your life and make 2023 THE greatest year ever.

Plus, we’ll also be leveraging…

Heroic Chats with Masters

As part of Heroic Mastery, every week I’m going to invite one of my friends to join us for a Heroic Chat with Masters.

So far I've connected with Phil Stutz, John Mackey, William Damon, Cal Newport, and Tal Ben-Shahar.

Later in the year I'll be connecting with some of my other favorite teachers like Steven Pressfield, Mark Divine, Steve Chandler, Gabriele Oettingen, Gretchen Rubin, Pilar Gerasimo, Susan Peirce Thompson, Nasha Winters, Donald Robertson, Steven Kotler, Hal Elrod, Todd Herman, Tom Morris, Nir Eyal, Joe De Sena, and more...

A total of 50+ masters in 2023.

I’m going to ask them to share HOW they moved from Theory to Practice to Mastery to more consistently show up as their best, most Heroic selves.

We’ll ask them to share THE all-time most impactful, life-changing theoretical distinctions they’ve made in Energy, Work, and Love AND how they put that Theory into PRACTICE in their lives.

We’ll also unpack how they create Masterpiece Days, what their AM and PM bookends look like, and stuff like that.


Of course, we’ll make sure we hear who their favorite heroes are and why and get a top book recommendation or three.

THAT, my dear Heroic friend, is how I am going ALL IN (!!!) (just got misty again!) (seriously) on helping YOU go ALL IN on making 2023 truly Heroic.

If you’d like to join us, we’d be honored.

Here’s the deal.

We’re always committed to doing our best to give the best to the most for the least.

You can join Heroic Mastery for only $149.99/month or $999.99/year.

Heroic Mastery includes the core premium stuff as well so you’ll also get access to all the +1s, PhilosophersNotes, 101 classes, Basic Training and Heroic Target Practice.

Note: Lifetime Heroic Premium members and Lifetime Coaches both get special discounts on Mastery. More on both of those (and how you can hook yourself up if you haven’t yet!) in the P.S. below.

I know that for some of you, “only” $999.99/year isn’t accurate. If you live in a country where the currency conversions make that nearly (or actually) impossible to afford, let us know here. And, if you are currently experiencing financial hardships that make that nearly (or actually) impossible to afford, let us know here as well.

Note2: We’ve given away way over $1 Million worth of scholarships over the years and we’re here to help if you need it as I never want money to get in the way.

And… We stopped being so upfront about that in part because some people were taking advantage of it. Laughing as I type this but I used to read every scholarship note we received and the “I just bought a new iPhone and can’t afford it!” And/or “I just paid $5K for another coaching program and…” aren’t great reasons to ask for support. Love you. 🤗

So please don’t hesitate to let us know if you are truly in need as we’re here to help. Otherwise, if you don’t think this will the absolute best $500 you invest in yourself in 2023, we understand and love you still. 😂 🤗

And to be clear: We absolutely, unequivocally GUARANTEE (!!) that this will be THE best investment you make in yourself in 2023. If we fall short of that standard, I apologize in advance and we will immediately refund you completely. 🙏


That’s long.

Fired up. 🔥 🔥 🔥

Heroic Mastery kicked off on February 1st at 1:01pm CT.

Join us here today.

Day 1. All in.



P.S. As briefly mentioned above…

Lifetime Heroic Premium

If you’re already a Lifetime Heroic Premium member, you’ll get 20% off to account for the premium stuff you already paid for.

Check your email for the special code we sent you.

Not yet a Lifetime Heroic Premium member? Sign up to become one now and you can get that same discount. Just use the code GYE101 here to get Lifetime for $350. Then it’s going back to its list price of $499. Yes, it pays to take action NOW. (🤠)

Lifetime Heroic Coach

If you’re a Lifetime Heroic Coach, you’ll get 50% (!!!) OFF Mastery (in perpetuity) to account for your ALL IN commitment to being one of our force multipliers who can change the world.

Check your email for that extra special code.