Ben Pakulski

Muscle Expert | Longevity Nerd | Performance Coach to Champions, Athletes, Executives, Entrepreneurs | Creating a new standard of physical, mental & metabolic capability for men over 40 | CEO at Muscle Intelligence.

I joined the local “hardcore” gym and my true passion was discovered! Bodybuilding. Two brothers that trained there were the guys setting the standard for being the Gym monsters. These guys were big, strong, and to my surprise at the time, were only a couple years older than me. At the time, I was that skinny kid watching from across the gym. They lifted heavy, so I lifted heavy. They squatted, so I squatted. They deadlifted, so did I. After about a year, I had put on a lot of weight. I was still nowhere near as big and strong as they were, but my desire was great. I think it was well over a year before I had earned my dues to be able to train with them, in fact, it may have been two years. These guys LOVED to train, and watching and emulating them is what started my career down the path I am on today. A love for training, a desire to work harder and improve everyday