Conquering Cancer 102

Rethinking cancer: theory + therapy

In Conquering Cancer 101 we focused on the nuts-and-bolts of how to Optimize our terrain and make sure we’re cutting off cancer’s supply lines while getting our minds strong and aiming for the long tail, etc. Our primary source of inspiration for that class was Anticancer by David Servan-Schreiber and the dozens of references to cancer in other Notes over the years.

In Conquering Cancer 102, we cover all the wisdom I’ve picked up since that class over the last month. Theme: Rethinking Cancer: Theory + Therapy. Featuring Big Ideas from Tripping over the Truth (great intellectual overview of the history of cancer theory/therapy), The Metabolic Approach to Cancer (GREAT (!) practical roadmap on how to Optimize terrain by my brother’s new consulting oncologist), Cancer as a Metabolic Disease (by the leading research scientist on the approach we’re following), Keto for Cancer (by my brother’s day-to-day nutritional consultant), and Radical Remission (by a leading researcher on who’s studied 1,000+ case studies of people who have thrived outside of traditional approaches).