Conquering Cancer 101

How i’m helping my brother fight cancer + what i’d share with you as your friend + coach

My brother was recently diagnosed with cancer. As I wrapped my brain around how to best help him, I realized that, unfortunately (and obviously), our family is not alone in fighting cancer. Although we haven’t met (yet!), I consider you a friend and a part of our extended family. So, I created this class imagining myself supporting you and your family as your friend if you happen to be dealing with cancer like us. Big Ideas we explore include understanding the fact that our habits are more influential than our genes, the importance of an empowered mindset, and the nuts and bolts of what we scientifically know helps Optimize “the terrain” (from nutrition and movement to stress management and environmental toxins) to best prevent and fight cancer. I hope you enjoy and I’m sending love to you and your fam!