• One-Tap Commit: An update to Practice with a new way to lock in your daily Heroic protocol.
  • Quitting Smoking: By following her Heroic protocol. Congrats, Lydia!
  • We Found Them!: And thank you!!!
  • Heroic Premium: Monthly memberships are now available! Plus, get 7 or 14 days for FREE!
  • Heroic 2022: Join us! Plus a reminder to check out Phil Stutz’s mini-masterclass.

You can still choose to go step-by-step through each of your Identities, Virtues, and Targets for the day (tap tap tap, tap tap tap, tap tap tap).

Or… switch over to the one-tap option and hold down on “COMMIT” to commit to being the best version of yourself in energy, work, and love, TODAY!

Tactically speaking, the one-tap commit will lock in your same protocol from yesterday. (Reminder: you can edit your protocol at ANY point by hitting “edit” on the top right in energy, work, or love.)

Check out this short screen-record to see it in action.


Special shout-out to Sean Casey for coming up with the idea!

If you haven’t watched the hilariously awesome 3-second video of Sean (Heroic member + investor and a former MLB All Star known as “The Mayor” who Sports Illustrated described as the friendliest guy in baseball) celebrating the release of one-tap, you’re missing out:

Note: In case you missed the awesome ~90-second clip of Sean describing how Heroic helps him win every day during a recent episode of his show, The Mayor’s Office with Sean Casey, you can check that one out here: