Michael here. 👋

Fired up after another exciting week!

I just arrived back in Chicago from Boston after speaking at Harvard on an alumni panel about building and maintaining community.

It was inspiring to share our Heroic mission with the Harvard community and to connect and collaborate on how to create a flourishing world, together: 51 | 2051!

It was even more inspiring to reflect on the ripples that YOU (and our entire Heroic community!) continue to spread in each of your lives and local communities as heroes, leaders, Coaches, and Workshop Instructors!!!

As you demonstrated when we made history together with our first $5M crowdfunding round:

“The world is hungry for heroes.”

And we’re more committed than ever to helping you:



On that note…

If you haven’t yet checked out the new classes on How to Forge a Heroically Confident Mind 101 and How We’re Going to Change the World Together 101, as well as Brian’s update on A Brief History of Heroic and a Quick Look at How We Intend to Forge an Antifragile Business and Fulfill Our Mission, hit the links to dive into the goodness!

Plus head here for more details on the Harvard panel, here (or in the new Coach tab of the Heroic App!) to learn more about our Coach program, and here for our next Heroic Workshop Instructor training event, in Athens, Greece!!! (Integrated with a once-in-a-lifetime Philosopher’s Experience!!!)

And speaking of Coaching and Heroic Workshops…

In a few hours, Brian and I will be driving over to South Bend, Indiana, to have some fun rolling out Heroic with Coach Marcus Freeman and his Notre Dame football team and coaching staff.

We’re FIRED UP to help forge Heroic men of excellence on *and* off the field and see if we can help them win a national championship.



We’ve got another new fantastic Philosopher’s Note on Tim Kennedy’s Scars and Stripes, another great week of +1s, a new community Heroic Fun Game starting tomorrow, an exciting update to the app, and much more.

Let’s get to it!

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1. New training! (Plus app update and maintenance)

App version 2.1.0 is now live on both iOS and Android, and it includes a brand new Coach tab with training, tools, and resources for everyone!

Update your app for the latest goodness, and get ready for continued improvements and evolutions over the coming months! (And years and decades, deo volente.)

Next up: teams and groups!

In other app-related news…

We will have planned maintenance this Thursday, June 6th from 2PM to 5PM CST to push code changes and improvements. During this time, the website will be down. The app will work, but you may experience increased “Eek!” errors.

2. Scars and Stripes by Tim Kennedy

This week’s new Philosopher’s Note is on Scars and Stripes by Tim Kennedy.

Here’s the intro quote to the Note:

“In these pages, I’ve gone out of my way to tell you the unfiltered truth. A lot of it was embarrassing to write. A lot of it doesn’t paint me in the best light. Sometimes, I’m simply not the good guy. And as painful as it was to put on paper it needed to happen this way. My public life tells a story of great, inspiring success. No one’s public life is real. Life’s messy. It’s hard. And sometimes, even the best of us are total pieces of shit. I need to show it all to you in order for you to value any of it. I want you to know, to understand, to feel it in your bones, that no matter where you are in life right now, there is a pathway to get better. You can be more than you ever thought possible, but it will not be easy, and the pathway to success is not a straight line. …

I’m going to tell the story a little differently than most memoirs. I decided to write the whole thing in the first-person present tense. I don’t want to tell you what happened to me. I want to immerse you in the crazy journey I have lived so you can feel each moment and each decision as I felt them. I want you to feel all the fear, failure, sadness, happiness, and success right along with me. That’s the only way you can truly understand my journey and apply it to your own.

I hope my story inspires you. I hope it changes your life.

It’s been one wild ride thus far.

Hop in and let me show what I’ve seen.”

— Tim Kennedy from Scars and Stripes

(Get instant access to this new Philosopher’s Note (and 600+ others and a TON of other goodness!) with Heroic Premium. Your first 30 days are free!)

3. Activate the next phase of your Heroic potential… in the land of legends!

Ready for an epic adventure + advanced training to help unlock the next phase of your Heroic potential + a once-in-a-lifetime Philosopher’s Experience in Athens, Greece?

Imagine this: Standing amidst the ancient ruins of Athens, feeling the energy of place where the ideals of Heroic living were first conceived, moving from theory to practice as a warrior of the mind with an integrated experience combining our most-condensed transformational training with an unforgettable philosopher’s experience in Athens.

Together, we'll walk the same paths that Aristotle, Plato, and Zeno once walked, guided by some of the world’s best modern-day philosophers and exploring iconic historical sites including Aristotle’s Lyceum, Plato’s Academy, and the hallowed grounds of the first modern Olympic Games 🏛️📚🏅


Secure your spot on the waitlist!

“Having the opportunity to visit Athens, a city where both mental and physical toughness were not only celebrated but mastered, is profoundly exciting. Athens the home to great philosophers!!! Joining a group of like-minded individuals who strive to cultivate these strengths presents an invaluable opportunity. This experience comes at a pivotal time in my life when immersing myself in such an environment can propel me into the next chapter with renewed vigor and inspiration.”

“My heart/intuition is leading me there. (I set the intention to attend the next training and visiting Greece as two separate goals for this year - so I was shocked by the news of the next training being in Greece... wow!) One does not get any closer to what Heroic means than stepping into Athens with Brian and the group of very fortunate ones to join! This trip also feels what I need to come in alignment with my purpose and the community I want to create/support.”

“Heroic + History = awesome, once in a lifetime opportunity”

P.S. Here’s a sneak peek of what’s in store for on the training side of things.

4. Join the Fun Game with Alexandra

We’re starting the Heroic Fun Game next week! These games are free for anyone who wants to join! We will have calls every Monday for the next month. Our first call will be on Monday, June 3rd at 1pm CT.

You can sign up for the calls and get more details HERE.

Everything you need will be on that page, including a PDF & call replays.

Our focus for the next 30 days is to HAVE MORE FUN!! 🤩

To quote Stuart Brown, we will be: “Stepping out of a normal routine, finding novelty, being open to serendipity, enjoying the unexpected, embracing a little risk, and finding pleasure in the heightened vividness of life.”

We will be embracing the qualities of play! It’s going to be awesome (and probably challenging for some of us 🙃).

You can find Alexandra’s post here:


We will be using the #fungame hashtag on Heroic Social.

Looking forward to playing with y’all!! ❤️🙏❤️

5. Community celebrations

Some of our favorite posts from this week include Jay’s moment of overwhelming clarity during the Workshop training, Marc’s first tattoo in 31 years, and Sarah’s new hero bar moving the scale below 200!

Check out what Jay had to say about his Workshop experience:

“I was completely overwhelmed by the clarity the workshop gave me on how I want to spend the years that the Heroic Gods will grant me.

And this is by serving others. Being the best possible husband for my wife, the best possible dad for my two boys, the best friend, speaker and coach for everyone I interact with.

I couldn't be more grateful for my amazing group for the heartfelt love in every conversation and interaction. And for the handkerchiefs 😉

Day 1. All in. Let's go 🙋‍♂”

Check out more posts like these on Heroic social.

Plus, the major community and movement update from Brian that he shared on his 50th birthday—A Brief History of Heroic and a Quick Look at How We Intend to Forge an Antifragile Business and Fulfill Our Mission—featuring a quick look at the last three years and how we're going to forge excellence, activate our Heroic potential, and change the world together.

Download the PDF here or read online at Wefunder here!

As shared above, we also have those two new 101 classes in the app:

How We’re Going to Change the World Together 101—a look at the past, present, and future of Heroic Public Benefit Corporation and how we intend to fulfill our mission to help 51% of humanity flourish by 2051.

How to Forge a Heroically Confident Mind 101—an overview of how to forge a heroically confident mind, so you can forge excellence, activate your potential, and change the world with us.

+1. Wisdom from the week:

“We don't rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training.”

— Archilochus

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And this week’s Heroic +1s:


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With Wisdom + Discipline + Love + Courage + Gratitude + Hope + Curiosity + Zest.

Heroes Unite!

Let’s do this.

Day 1.

-Michael and Team Heroic

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