Hi, this is Brian. 👋

As you almost certainly know… I’m the Founder + CEO of Heroic.

I appreciate you taking the time to learn more about what we’re up to. I know we’re both busy so let’s jump straight in.


To get a better idea of how we might be able to best serve you, I’d like to ask you a question…

Where are YOU on YOUR Heroic quest?

To properly frame that question, I want to quickly chat about two of my favorite teachers: Abraham Maslow and Joseph Campbell.

Note: Those two guys also happen to be two of my favorite Heroes. As we discuss in this video on How I’m Setting Goals for 2023, 2025, 2030, and 2051, their Heroic portraits gaze at me all day every day and often come to life to give me advice—kinda like the old Headmasters in Dumbledore’s office. 🤓


Abraham Maslow and Joseph Campbell.

Maslow, as you may know, was one of the leading psychologists of the 20th century. He came up with the whole idea of the hierarchy of needs and coined the phrase “self-actualizing” as he studied the most actualized people of his era, including Eleanor Roosevelt and Albert Einstein.

He also said that, at some point in our evolution, the need to actualize our potential becomes as fundamental to our well-being as the need to breathe.

I agree.

I call that “soul oxygen.”

Note: I can say with absolute confidence (and goosebumps) that you wouldn’t be this far into this letter if you didn’t feel that universal need to express the best, most Heroic version of yourself.

I can also say with absolute confidence (backed by scientific data and thousands of testimonials) that we can help you meet that need and actualize your Heroic potential. 🙏

Btw. Maslow also said: “What one CAN be, one MUST be.”

If I had to summarize my (and our!) entire philosophy here at Heroic in a single sentence, that would come pretty close to doing the job.

That’s Maslow.

(Check out our Notes on Future Visions, Motivation and Personality, and Toward a Psychology of Being for more. And Positive Psychology 101 where Maslow is featured as one of my all-time Top 10 scholars of flourishing.)

Then we have Joseph Campbell.

If Maslow sits in the great-grandfather slot on my spiritual family tree (he does!), then Joseph Campbell sits in the grandfather slot.

(Note: At the end of this letter, I’ll tell you who sits in my real-life spiritual father slot!)

Joseph Campbell was another great 20th century teacher. He was a leading scholar of mythology. He LITERALLY wrote the book on the universality of what he called “The Hero’s Journey.”

(Check out our Notes on The Hero with a Thousand Faces, A Joseph Campbell Companion, Pathways to Bliss, and The Power of Myth for more.)

As we’ve discussed, I happen to be in a documentary about Campbell and his wisdom on the modern hero’s journey alongside Deepak Chopra, Laird Hamilton, Tony Hawk, Robin Sharma, and the late Sir Ken Robinson.

Moment of pride: I also happened to be the guy who inspired the guy (Pat Solomon) to actually create the documentary in the first place. Love you, Dabs!

Watch trailer here:

And watch the full film for free on YouTube here.

As you know if you’re familiar with his work, Campbell tells us that we are ALL called to live a Heroic life.



To live a great, noble, Heroic life, first we need to ANSWER THE CALL.



Make that…


Nothing—and I mean NOTHING!!!—interesting happens until the Hero (that would be YOU!) answers the call to their Heroic Quest.

Which brings us back to the question I posed above…

Where are YOU on YOUR Heroic quest?


I’ve been obsessing about how to actualize my potential in service to something bigger than myself while helping others do the same (so we can change world together!) for the better part of the last 25 years.

I think we can roughly map out who falls where in their developmental progression of actualizing their potential/answering the call and living Heroically like this:

That’s a normal distribution bell curve. 50% of the people are above the mean and 50% fall below.

For the sake of the discussion, I think about half of the people fortunate enough to even have the opportunity to consider this discussion falls into the lower half of that bell curve.

We can split this group up standard deviation by standard deviation as we will the other half.

Although it’s OBVIOUSLY (!) much more nuanced than this… I think it goes something like this…

We have four groups on the lower side of that distribution who are not particularly interested in the conversation we are having right now. 🤓

The Nihilists. The Cynics. The Critics. The Skeptics.

Let’s start with…

The Skeptics

The Skeptics are, as the name suggests, skeptical about all this self-actualizing mumbo-jumbo.

It sounds just a bit too pollyannish for their liking and they prefer to dismiss it all immediately as too woo-woo and just another fluffy-lame/cheesy “self-help” thing that promises to give you “The Secret” that unlocks all your shiny vision-board dreams with no hard work and all that.

Perfect. Skepticism is important.

I, too, have a VERY (!) strong allergy to all the get-it-quick-without-hard-work Secret silliness out there.


I think we want to keep x% of that skepticism and rub all these ideas up against reality/critical thinking/common sense WHILE ALSO being open to the possibility that perhaps ancient wisdom and modern science have something to say about how to live a truly noble, virtuous, meaningful, successful life.

And, perhaps, maybe Heroic has some practical tools INTEGRATING that ancient wisdom and modern science into something that actually works.

Moving on…

Our Skeptics are more open to the possibilities of what we offer than the next group…

The Critics

The Critics, as I see them, are essentially jaded Skeptics.

They’ve seen one too many get-it-quick schemes and now relish in criticizing everything that comes close to the idea of “self-help.”

Critics, of course, play an essential role in every domain and we want to, of course, maintain our own discernment and ability to call 🐄 💩 by its proper name.


We want to be mindful of the tendency to make criticism our default response and notice that this default tendency to criticize anyone aspiring to do Heroic things might be a reflection of our own failure to create meaning in our lives as we remain open to possibilities for growth. 😉 🤗

Longer, nuanced chat but…

Ultimately, I think John Grisham was on to something when he said: “Critics should find meaningful work.” 😉 🤗

Moving further in the wrong direction, we arrive at…

The Cynics

The Cynics?

They Cynics think you and I are crazy for even thinking we might be able to, paraphrasing what Gandhi would say, be the change so we can change the world together.


We’re here for them when/if they are ready.

Note: According to the internet…

George Carlin once said: “Inside every cynical person, there is a disappointed idealist.”

That sounds about right.

Moving further left, we have…

The Nihilists

In short: The Nihilists have actively given up on the world and some are actively trying to destroy it…. Or, heartbreakingly, themselves. 😕

We need Heroes to stand up and protect the values we hold dear lest they win the battle between virtue and vice and succeed in creating their dystopian vision of the world. We also need to be the Hero of our own story and re-create the hope for a better future if we find ourselves falling into the despair of nihilism. 🙏

To recap.

On the wrong side of the bell curve we have…

The Skeptic. The Critic. The Cynic. The Nihilist.

That’s a (very!) rough but I think (relatively) decent snapshot of the group of people NOT interested in this chat—at least not YET.

Then we have the other half of us.

I think we can split this half up (roughly) one standard deviation at a time.

For the sake of our discussion, let’s call them…

Dabblers. Optimizers. Masters. Coaches.

Let’s take a quick look at each group and how we can serve you wherever you are!

The first chunk of people aren’t Cynics (at least most of the time!).

They know that they are capable of more. They kinda sorta want to learn more and kinda sorta think they can do and be more…


They’re often only Dabbling with the process of becoming their best selves (aka actualizing their potential aka living Heroically!).

Dabbling is, of course, better than being a pure Cynic and we’re excited to support this group while meeting them where they’re at with a bunch of free stuff.

This includes our podcast and all the free YouTube content I’ve created over the years (that has served millions of people).

Our Free “Dabbler” package ALSO includes a ton of content on our site and in our app.

You can check out Greatest Year Ever 101, the two-part, two-hour master class-workshop I lead on how to activate your potential while making this THE greatest year of your life. GYE 101 includes a workbook our Head Coach, Michael, created and meditations by my wife, Alexandra.

Our free “Dabbler” package also includes daily Heroic +1s (2-5 minute practical micro lessons I create) and, starting soon, daily Heroic Meditations (3-15 minute meditations that Alexandra creates).

You can also get access to that week’s new PhilosophersNote (featuring Big Ideas from great self-development books), thousands of inspiring quotes and our Daily Heroic email where we share “more wisdom in less time.”

Now, you may just be dabbling with self-development in general and/or with our Heroic offerings specifically and we’re honored to serve you with this free offering if this is your ideal.


There’s a level of commitment that is greater than the Dabbler. We call those in this group…

The Optimizers

This group gets everything we discussed above PLUS a TON of other stuff in our Heroic Premium package.

Before we go into the details, let me share how my friend and (Heroic!) mentor John Mackey (the Co-Founder and former CEO of Whole Foods) describes Heroic.

He says…

When John told me that in one of our chats after he spent hours in the app, he was describing what we offer in our Premium package.

The Premium package includes everything we give away for free (of course!) AND…

As a premium member, you get instant access to our entire collection of 1,300+ Heroic +1s, our entire collection of 600+ PhilosophersNotes featuring thousands (!) of Big Ideas from the best self-development books—any ONE of which could literally change your life!

And… All 50 of our hour-long Optimal Living 101 master classes to help you optimize every aspect of your life—from conquering depression/anxiety/perfectionism to finding your purpose, setting goals, losing weight, becoming super productive and equally energized!

You also get all of our Heroic Meditations along with our practical Tools, and a bunch of other stuff.


You ALSO get our Heroic Target “Practice” tools.

Ultimately, the thing we want to be THE BEST IN THE WORLD AT (!) is simple.

We want to help you move from Theory to Practice to Mastery Together TODAY.

We’re proud of all the “more wisdom in less time” we give you Theory-wise and we’ve been blessed to receive feedback from many people that our collection of wisdom is (literally) THE greatest collection of practical wisdom out there. We’ll let you be the judge, of course.


That Theory is not enough.

If we are truly going to help you truly change your life so we can truly change the world together, then we need to help you ACTUALLY DO the things you already know you could be doing.

Fact is…

You don’t need to read another book or listen to another podcast or join another self-development membership program. 😉

I repeat…

You need to ACTUALLY DO the things you already know you could be doing.

Helping you do that (and moving from Theory to Practice to Mastery Together TODAY!) is, I repeat, what Heroic is all about.

We talk about this a LOT in Greatest Year Ever 101 and I even show you how I personally use the Heroic app to hit Targets in my “Big 3” (Energy, Work, and Love!) so I can activate my Soul Force all day every day. (I also have a new series of videos called “Let’s go, Hero!,” where I share my protocol.)

We worked with the same product development company that helped create Slack and Tinder and Uber Eats and Elon Musk’s Neuralink to help us build a world-class Heroic Target Practice/habit-tracking-for-Heroes app experience.

We’re proud of the fact that early research data from a pilot study we conducted with over 1,000 Heroic Founding Members (n = 1,064!) shows that, if you use our app and spend just a few minutes hitting as few as THREE Targets you set for yourself in our app each day, in just thirty days you are likely to become…

40% more Energized, 20% more Productive, and 15% more Connected!! 😳 🤯

I repeat…

This time in all-bold, all-caps as this might be the most important part of this letter…


(And we’ll increase the font size for these stats…)


👆 How’d you like some of that?! 😆

We’ve been blessed to serve over 100,000 Optimizers from nearly every country in the world with various versions of our Premium package—including bestselling authors, Olympic athletes and coaches, Fortune 100 executives, special forces officers and world-class moms.

This package is $29.99/month or $199.99/year.

If you’re an Optimizer, we would be honored to serve you at this Heroic Premium Membership level. 🙏

Moving even further to the right, past the “Optimizer” level on that bell curve—we’re now talking about a CONSIDERABLY smaller group of people.

Mathematically speaking, only about 2.2% of the population would fit into the next two categories—our Heroic Masters and our Heroic Coaches.

Let’s talk about…

The Masters

This group has not only heard the call to their Heroic adventure-quest, they’re ALL IN.

And when I say they’re “ALL IN,” I don’t just mean that they’re super committed to moving from Theory to Practice to Mastery in general, but that they also believe Heroic in particular has something to offer them that can truly help them fundamentally and permanently change their lives while making a difference in the world.

THIS is the group I’m MOST (!!) fired up to serve because it’s the Heroic Masters (and our Heroic Coaches) who can become the force multipliers who can literally change the world.

If you’re ALL IN on yourself and Heroic, I want you to know that I’m ALL IN on doing EVERYTHING (!!!) (literally—EVERYTHING!!!) I possibly can (just got tears in my eyes typing that) to help YOU (!) show up as the best, most Heroic version of yourself to MAKE SURE you are empowered to truly make 2023 the greatest year of your life while FUNDAMENTALLY and PERMANENTLY changing your life in the process.


Because helping YOU show up as the best, most Heroic version is the only way we can change the world together.

To help you do that, we have our Heroic Mastery program.

As a Heroic Master, you’ll get three main things: The Heroic Mastery Series, Mastery Live at 1:01, and Heroic Chats with Masters.

Here’s the quick look…

The Heroic Mastery Series

This is our guided program that has been scientifically shown to SIGNIFICANTLY change lives.

As I’ve shared before, Sonja Lyubomirsky and one of her top Ph.D. students did research on this program. She said, and I paraphrase, that if she hadn’t done the research herself, she would have thought the data was FAKE because the results were so positive.

And, as we’ve discussed and shared before, we’ve been blessed to receive qualitative data in the form of thousands of testimonials over the years. I have PERSONALLY (goosebumps) read THOUSANDS of notes and I’m deeply moved every.single.time.

Going through this program with a cohort and a buddy is usually reserved for Coach participants. But for our founding Heroic Masters, we’re going to match you up with a Heroic Buddy with whom you will go through the program and you’ll be able to start with our next Coach Class on FEBRUARY 1st—which will make the experience that much more powerful.

Mastery LIVE @ 1:01

As you know if you’ve been following along, moving from Theory to Practice to Mastery is ALL about CONSISTENCY. (Consistency is the exponentializer, Hero!)

If you want to FUNDAMENTALLY and PERMANENTLY change your life while making 2023 THE GREATEST YEAR EVER (!), it’s surprisingly simple.

Show up.

Not someday.


ESPECIALLY (!), as I say incessantly, on those days when you don’t feel like it.

What happens when you do that?

Longer chat but…

Your highs get higher and your lows get higher. The stressful things that used to send you off the rails into your spiral of less-than-awesome behaviors become the trigger for you to double down on your protocol and TRULY forge the antifragile confidence you need to show up as your best and do what you’re here to do.


With my Wife’s approval (very important blessing to have!), I am going to show up at 1:01pm Central Time EVERY (!) SINGLE (!!) DAY (!!!) to help YOU show up as YOUR best self EVERY (!) SINGLE (!!) DAY (!!!).

Here’s a view of my Masterpiece Day AM and PM Bookend WINs with the new 1:01 repeating daily. 🤓

(What’s YOUR Masterpiece Day template look like? I’ll help you get more clarity on that.)

Obviously you don’t need to show up on this private Heroic Mastery Zoom at 1:01pm CT every (or any!) day, but I’ll be there to help you get YOUR Soul Force score to 101 all day every day.

We’ll start each session at 1:01pm CT with a quick 3-minute meditation during which we will hit THREE Heroic Targets—one in Energy (1-Minute Meditation 🎯), one in Work (Connect to Someone You Serve 🎯 ← the fastest way to deepen your purpose!), and one in Love (Appreciate Someone or Something 🎯).

Heroic Target Swipe. 🎯
Heroic Target Swipe. 🎯
Heroic Target Swipe. 🎯

Boom. Done. Soul Force to 101.

Been having a hard time moving from Theory to Practice to Mastery and getting your Soul Force score to 101 in the Heroic app?


You won’t have that problem any more after our time together.


To be clear…

Getting your Soul Force score to 101 is how, in my opinion, we will MAKE SURE (!!!) you make 2023 THE GREATEST YEAR EVER.

I can assure you that it is REALLY hard to have a series of REALLY bad days when you execute your protocol like you mean it.

After we hit three Heroic Targets together in our 3-minute meditation, I’m planning to share whatever practical wisdom is most alive for me that day and then I’m planning to do 1-on-1 coaching with THREE of you every day.

Speed round coaching to quickly help you move from Theory to Practice to Mastery.

If all goes as planned, I’ll coach 1,000 people in 2023.

Note1: If you are one of the first 100 people to sign up for Heroic Mastery and you want me to do a quick coaching session with you in that group environment, we’ll make sure you’re one of the first to get coaching in February.

Note1.5: If you are one of the first 1,000 people to sign up, we’ll make sure you get an opportunity to receive coaching in that group environment in 2023!

Note2: At the risk of being immodest with the intention of establishing a value point for this coaching without being a typical lame internet marketer (😂)… If I still did private 1-on-1 coaching, I probably wouldn’t charge the $750/30 minutes one friend of mine charges but it would be close...

Btw. I’ve been thinking about doing private 1-on-1 coaching again as we lean into some Heroic Coach Pro empowerment stuff and I’ve had a number of people ask me if I would work with them. If you’re interested in that, please let me/us know here. I MIGHT work with a VERY small group of people in 2023.

Back to the every.single.day (!) 1:01pm CT sessions…

After our quick Heroic Meditation and Big 3 Target Swipes to get our Soul Force to 101 and quick practical wisdom share and speed coaching x3…

We’re going to split you all up into groups of 5-7 people so you can connect with other Heroic Masters from around the world. A sort of dynamic, daily, Heroic Mastermind group. 🌎 🚀!!

We did this at our offline event and in our New Year’s Day celebration and people LOVED IT.


All of those Mastery at 1:01 sessions will, of course, be recorded so you can watch/listen whenever you want. We’ll also cut up each of the coaching sessions and tag them so you can find coaching sessions on topics that might be especially relevant for you.

Note3: I’ve been flirting with doing this “get your Soul Force to 101 with me at 1:01pm!” idea for quite a while now. I can still remember my session with Phil Stutz when I first had the idea. It was one of those visceral, goosebumps, I HAVE TO DO THIS (!) moments.


To recap…

To help you move from Theory to Practice to Mastery so we can fundamentally and permanently change your life and make 2023 THE greatest year ever, we’ll start by bringing you through the Mastery Series starting on February 1st.

And… I’ll personally be there to Coach you every single day at 1:01pm to activate your Soul Force to 101.


But that’s not all! (Am I selling Ginsu knives? 😂)

I’m also fired up to have…

Heroic Chats with Masters

As part of Heroic Mastery, every week I’m going to invite one of my friends to join us for a Heroic Chat with Masters.

Imagine me chatting with some of my friends and favorite people like Phil Stutz (featured in Stutz), John Mackey (Co-Founder and former CEO of Whole Foods), and some of my favorite teachers like William Damon, Steven Pressfield, Tal Ben-Shahar, Steve Chandler, Mark Divine, Cal Newport, Gabriele Oettingen, Gretchen Rubin, Pilar Gerasimo, Susan Peirce Thompson, Nasha Winters, Mark Divine, Donald Robertson, Steven Kotler, Hal Elrod, Todd Herman, Tom Morris, Nir Eyal, Joe De Sena, and…

A total of 50+ masters in 2023.

I’m going to ask them to share HOW they moved from Theory to Practice to Mastery to more consistently show up as their best, most Heroic selves.

We’ll ask them to share THE all-time most impactful, life-changing theoretical distinctions they’ve made in Energy, Work, and Love AND how they put that Theory into PRACTICE in their lives.

We’ll also unpack how they create Masterpiece Days, what their AM and PM bookends look like, and stuff like that.


Of course, we’ll make sure we hear who their favorite heroes are and why and get a top book recommendation or three.

THAT, my dear Heroic friend, is how I am going ALL IN (!!!) (just got misty again!) (seriously) on helping YOU go ALL IN on making 2023 truly Heroic.

And that’s our Mastery package, which is $149.99/month or $999.99/year.

If you’re ALL IN on activating the best, most Heroic version of yourself, we would be honored to serve you at this Heroic Mastery membership level. 🙇🏻‍♂️


I know we’ve already covered a TON.

Note: This is an important discussion, Hero!! We’re talking about YOUR LIFE here!

To wrap it up, let’s briefly chat about the final group. Then check out the P.S. to see who sits in the “Father” slot in my spiritual family tree.

This is .1% of the population. These are people who are not only committed to moving from Theory to Practice to Mastery Together TODAY, they are committed to helping OTHERS do the same.

We call them…

The Coaches

We believe that this tip of the bell curve—our Heroic Coaches—represent THE Heroic force-multipliers and most powerful agents of change.

We serve this group with our Heroic Performance Coach certification and empowerment program. Over 10,000 people from over 100 countries have gone through this program—which has also been shown to change lives.

Heroic Coach is for anyone who wants to live their most Heroic lives by mastering themselves and the Heroic perspective while also EMPOWERING OTHERS to do the same.

Whether that means you’re a professional coach/therapist who is excited to integrate the wisdom gained from our program into your new or existing coaching practice, an HR executive leading high-performing teams, a parent looking to bring forth the best in your children, or just a big-hearted individual committed to creating a positive difference in your community, we’re committed to serving YOU and helping you go next-level in your Energy + Work + Love so that you can help others do the same in their lives.

We’ve been blessed to have elite level Coaches go through our program—from the people coaching world-champion athletes and teams across almost every professional sports domain, to the people in charge of training and/or leading elite military units, to the individuals tasked with developing human performance at global Fortune 500 companies.

We’re also blessed to receive feedback that, among all of the Coaching training and certification programs out there, ours is among the best. (And the most valuable.)

Here are just a few of the hundreds of testimonials we’ve received:


When we first launched Heroic Coach back in 2019, we sent out a little intake survey to ask people what they wanted to see in the program.

The #1 answer?


People wanted help being held accountable to actually BEING the version of themselves that they know they’re capable of being.


In addition to connecting you with a “Heroic Buddy” (Navy SEALS go through training with a “Swim Buddy” who helps hold them accountable — same idea!) with whom you can navigate the program, to earn your Heroic Performance Coach Certification, we’ll hold you to a set of standards to ensure you’re ACTUALLY doing the hard work to move from Theory to Practice to Mastery.

Eating. Moving. Breathing. Focusing. Celebrating. Prospering. All Practiced at a level of Mastery to help you connect with the best, most Heroic version of yourself… Every. Single. Day.

(And… We empower you to empower your clients to do the same.)

Fun fact: Our internal mantra for our Coach program is, “we empower people who empower people.”

On the practical side of things, Heroic Coach has the most built-in structure + support + accountability of any of our offerings.

As a Heroic Coach, you’ll get everything included in our Heroic Premium and Heroic Mastery plans, plus a bunch of additional stuff that’s just for Coaches.

We’ll do additional Coach-exclusive Live Coaching calls up to 10x each month in what we call a “Soul Force Forge”—some with me and other regular sessions with my wife (and Heroic Co-Founder!) Alexandra, and our Head Coach, Michael.

Plus, Michael and Alexandra have facilitated over 90+ private trainings with 70+ world-class Luminary Guest Faculty members (some of whom have come back for multiple sessions) to help our Coaches master particular subject areas and do some personal coaching with them.

In addition to joining and participating in those Live Coaching calls and private Guest Faculty trainings, Coaches can also access the 400+ hours of recorded and organized content from previous sessions.

Then, of course, there’s the more explicit “empowerment” side of things, which we’re excited to revamp and take next-level in 2023 and beyond.

That includes stuff like our Coach Training Series and new Coaching sales and delivery toolkits that will include keynote frames, step-by-step instructions, worksheets, and programming to deliver to clients and organizations over a series of sessions.

Longer term, we’re also excited to develop digital tools that will empower you to use the Heroic app to hold your clients accountable, share custom content, track and measure individual and group progress, etc. Plus other fun stuff like being celebrated and promoted as Certified Heroic Performance Coaches through badges on Heroic social, a Coaching directory, and more.

Note: In order to be able to use all of those tools, we’re planning to require you to A) be an active (or Lifetime) Coach and B) have a Soul Force score of 101 in the Heroic app. 🤓

Our Heroic Performance Coach certification and empowerment package is $299.99/month or $1,999.99/year.

If you are most committed to actualizing your Heroic potential so that you can serve heroically AND empower others to do the same, we would be honored to serve you at the Heroic Coach membership level. 🙏


Coaches also get FIVE Heroic Annual Premium memberships to share with family/friends/clients/colleagues as well as Coach-exclusive discounts for additional Premium memberships.

Note: Yes, we realize that FIVE free Heroic Annual Premium Memberships is worth $1,000 in immediate, real value… ON TOP of everything else and that it instantly makes a Coach membership pay for itself. 🤯 You’re welcome. 😄

You can learn more about this at Heroic.us/coach.


We’ve now OFFICIALLY covered MORE THAN A TON!!! 🐘🐘🐘 🤠

Let’s end where we began, with the question that I consider to be one of THE most important questions we can ask ourselves in this one precious life of ours.


If yo’ve read this far, I’d put the odds of you being in one of those lower bell-curve distributions groups at very, very, (VERY!) slim.

You’re MUCH more likely in the positive side of that bell curve.

Are you a Dabbler?

Kinda-sorta interested in the process of becoming your best self?

If so, check out Greatest Year 101 for free access to a ~1 hour masterclass on how to make 2023 the greatest year of your life + a 2nd "practice" video where I share my protocol + the workbook created by our Head Coach, Michael + the meditations created by Alexandra! (That should be more than enough to get you going. 😄)

Are you an Optimizer?

Slightly more committed to moving from Theory to Practice to Mastery?

If so, you can sign up for our Heroic Premium package here.

Are you a Master?

ALL IN on answering the call to your Heroic adventure-quest?

If so, you can sign up for our Heroic Mastery package here.

Are you a Coach?

Excited to live your most heroic life AND empowering others to do the same?

If so, you can sign up for our Heroic Coach package here.


Here's a recap of your options in a handy-dandy grid, which you can also interact with and make your choice on here:

It’s time to move from Theory to Practice to Mastery Together TODAY.

All in. Day 1.



P.S. If you’re already a Lifetime Heroic Premium member, and you want to upgrade to Mastery, you’ll get 20% off to account for the premium stuff you already paid for. Check your email for the special code we sent you.

Not yet a Lifetime Heroic Premium member? Sign up to become one now and you can get that same discount. Just use the code GYE101 here to get Lifetime for $350. Soon it’s going back to its list price of $499. Yes, it pays to take action NOW. (🤠)

P.P.S. At the beginning of this long letter, we talked about my spiritual family tree. Maslow is in the great-grandfather slot. Campbell is in the grandfather slot.

Who’s in my “spiritual father” slot?

Phil Stutz.

Phil has been my beloved Coach for the last 6+ years and I am blessed that he is my spiritual father in real life.

He’s the author of The Tools and Coming Alive and you can check him out in the Netflix documentary by Jonah Hill (another one of clients) called Stutz.

And, you can read his foreword to my book that’s coming out this holiday season called Heroic: Activate Your Soul Force.

And…here’s the first page of notes from my VERY first session with Phil: