My dear Optimizing Hero!!

This is Brian with another exciting note. 👋

Yes. It’s been a big week/month for us.

Just over a month ago, we unlocked our premium Optimize membership and gave it away for free. Over 65,000 people from 186 (!!!) counties have joined us over the first 42 days. 🤯

Earlier this week, we unlocked our Mastery program and are offering the 300-day, scientifically-proven program for only $300 AND you can bring a friend.


Two days ago we invited you to join our Founding Heroic Partnership initiative in which we’re thanking our partners with a 90% cash high five.

Over 250 people have already signed up to help us launch our movement and spread the Optimizing Heroic love. 🙇🚀!!


I want to invite you to join us a Next-Level Heroic investor.

As you may know, with the support of 2,500 Founding Investors, Heroic made history as the first company to close a $5M Reg CF equity crowdfunding as part of our $11M Seed round.

Now we are going to the next level as we strive to make history AGAIN—this time as one of the fastest growing companies to an enterprise value of $1B.

On Monday, we sent this email out to our accredited Founding Heroic Investors inviting them to join us for our next round of financing.

This afternoon, we sent out this follow up email.

I wanted to invite YOU to consider joining us a Heroic investor!

We have two basic pathways…

If you are an accredited investor interested in considering an investment of over $25,000, please click here.

If you are an unaccredited investor or an accredited investor interested in investing less than $25,000, please click here.

So much more to come.

On behalf of our entire teams here at Optimize and Heroic, I say…


Let's change the world.

One person at a time.


Starting with you and me.