My Dear Fellow Optimizer / Prospective Optimize Coach:

This is Brian. 👋

I’m the creator of Optimize and the Founder + CEΦ of Heroic. I appreciate you taking the time to learn more about our Optimize Coach program.

I know you’re busy so we’ll start with the short story and, for when you have the time/interest, you can check out the longer story when/if you feel inspired.

The Short Story

The Optimize Coach 300-day program has been scientifically proven (by my friend Sonja Lyubomirsky’s lab!) to change lives.

In fact, Sonja told me that if she hadn’t conducted the research herself, she would have thought the data was fake because the results were so profound.

I was thrilled (of course!) but, frankly, not that surprised because the *qualitative* data we’d received from participants has always been so inspiring. (Check out HUNDREDS of testimonials here.)

More on the science in a moment…


Since launching our inaugural class in early 2019, we’ve had over 3,500 Optimizers from 95 (!) countries around the world go through our Optimize Coach program.

(Half of whom are coaches who want to take their practice to the next level (or individuals who plan to become coaches) while the other half “simply” want to use the program to become the best versions of themselves in service to the world. More on all that in a moment as well…)

They paid $1,000.


You can sign up now for Optimize Coach - Class VIII (which begins January 3rd, 2022) for ONLY $300.

Yes, you will save $700 on a program we have been told is already an astonishing value.

AND… If you join TODAY, you can bring a friend for free.

(Note: The current plan is for the price to go back to $1,000 so NOW is the time to take advantage of this offer if you’re feeling it. We (literally) guarantee this will be the best investment you’ve ever made or we’ll give you your money back no questions asked, no strings attached.)


Why have we dropped what we’ve been told is an astonishingly well-priced program to an even MORE astonishingly low price point?

Well, in part because we KNOW the last two years have been incredibly challenging for all of us.

And, we’re FIERCELY committed to helping you alchemize all those challenges into MAKING 2022 THE GREATEST YEAR OF YOUR LIFE.


And we don’t want money to get in the way.

Plus, longer chat but…

Optimize was recently acquired by my new business Heroic.

We made history earlier this year with Heroic, becoming the first company to ever raise $5M via the new crowdfunding regulations as part of our $11M Seed round—with the support of 2,500 Founding Investors from 75 countries around the world.

We are fiercely committed to changing the world AND we plan to make history *again* as one of the all-time fastest growing startups.

The first thing we did when Heroic’s acquisition of Optimize was official? We decided to "Unlock Optimize" give our Optimize core wisdom premium offer away for FREE. (Learn more on that here.)

Nearly 50,000 people signed up for Optimize in the first 30 days before we really did anything. We’ll welcome 100,000 in the next several weeks and plan to welcome 1 Million new Optimizers by spring.


It’s time to do something astonishing with our Optimize Coach program as well.

As we just discussed, 3,500 people from 95 countries have paid $1,000 for it.

You can now join our next Optimize Coach (Class VIII) cohort that starts January 3rd FOR ONLY $300. AND you can also bring a friend for free!


We want to help create a world in which 51% of the population is flourishing by the year 2051 and we believe that “Unlocking Optimize” will help “Catalyze Heroic.” (More on all that in a recent email I sent to Heroic Founding Investors here…)

In the process, we think we have a good shot at making history for the second time as one of the all-time fastest growing startups.

So, yep. That’s the basic idea.

If you’ve been thinking about joining…

Or if this is your first time hearing about Optimize Coach and you want a guaranteed way to reach the next level in your personal growth… NOW is the BEST TIME (!) to sign up for Optimize Coach!!

Check out the rest of the story below. See the curriculum here. Meet the Faculty here. Read the Testimonials here. See the Science proving it works here. And, if you’re feeling it, SIGN UP HERE!

Let’s integrate some ancient wisdom and modern science into practical tools that will help you move from theory to practice to mastery so we can make 2022 the greatest year of our lives as we change the world, one person at a time, TOGETHER (!), starting with you and me, TODAY.

The Longer Story

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, it’s time for the longer story.

Let’s chat about who Optimize Coach is for, what the program is all about and what Sonja Lyubomirsky’s lab has to say about how we can help you boost your confidence and sense of purpose while making you more energized, productive, connected and joyful than ever.

(Yes, science says we can help you do all that and more.)

Optimize Coach: Who’s It For?

As we’ve already discussed, since launching our inaugural class in early 2019, we’ve had over 3,500 Optimizers from 95 (!) countries around the world go through our Optimize Coach program.

What’s interesting is that almost exactly HALF of those who go through the program are Coaches who want to take their practice to the next level (or individuals who plan to become Coaches) while the other half “simply” want to use the program to become the best versions of themselves in service to the world.

We think of the two groups like this:

Masters. Individuals who want to live their most heroic lives by mastering themselves and the Optimize perspective while integrating the wisdom gained from the program into their various leadership roles—from entrepreneurs, CEOs, venture capitalists, military leaders and HR executives to therapists, school principals, yoga teachers, and world-class moms.

Coaches. Individuals who want to live their most heroic lives by mastering themselves and the Optimize perspective while integrating the wisdom gained from the program into their new or existing coaching practice.

Our program serves both of those groups. From my perspective, the (!) most important thing we help everyone do to boost their professional success—whether that’s the CEO or the Coach—is to become a radiant Optimizing exemplar. (Aka the best version of themselves!)


For those individuals looking to create a coaching business (and/or to take their practice to the next level), we have bonus Coach Training content in which we share best practices and offer additional resources including interactive sessions with established, successful coaches.

You can check out hundreds of testimonials over here to see how our program has served both Masters and Coaches.

For now, here are a few of my favorites…

I’m always moved when I read notes like those. 😲

And, as I said, We’ve been blessed to receive HUNDREDS (and HUNDREDS!!) of note from our Optimize Coach graduates who articulate the program benefits better than I ever could so I’ll let them tell us what they think.

Check those out here.

We also have this little video from our Class I graduation:

And a collection of other videos you may find inspiring—including one from Wendy who tells her moving story about wanting to end her life before joining our program and now is committed to standing strong in her virtues. Goosebumps.

Actually… Here it is:

And, while we’re at it, here’s a video from a woman who is a health coach commenting on how our program was the best she’d done:

Science Says... Our Program Works

As you know if you’ve been following along, I’m all about integrating Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science. I want to know what all the wisdom traditions (across cultures and time) have to say about Optimizing AND I want to know what science says unequivocally works.


Before we launched our inaugural Optimize Coach class (with 1,000 Optimizers from 50+ countries), we reached out to one of my friends and favorite positive psychologists, Sonja Lyubomirsky (author of The How of Happiness and The Myths of Happiness), to ask for help in SCIENTIFICALLY validating the effectiveness of our Optimize protocol. (Or not, if it ISN’T effective!)

We worked with Sonja and one of her top Ph.D. students to TEST whether or not our protocol works. We did a before and after measure (basically checking in on where people were before Day 1 of our program and then where they were on Day 300) on a broad range of areas we hoped to help people Optimize.

For example, could we boost confidence in the face of challenges while deepening connections with loved ones and increasing productivity at work?

Could we also help people create better habits—eating better, exercising more, sleeping deeper, managing their tech usage better, along with all the other stuff we know we *could* be doing but often fail to do?!

And, if we could do that, would that lead to measurable gains in our Big 3 of Energy + Work + Love and overall well-being?!

We rolled up our sleeves and got to work creating the scientific surveys we’d need.

We got all the “Before” data we needed. Fast-forward to Day 300. All the data is in!

We, of course, eagerly anticipated the results.

The Results

Based on the HUNDREDS (and HUNDREDS!) of testimonials we received (← check them out there!) during and after the program, we knew, qualitatively, that the program was working. The question was: What would the *quantitative* data show?


In the words of our research lead, the effects were “massively positive.” (For the geeks among us: “The effect sizes were huge!! They were all around Pearson correlations of .6 (Cohen’s ds of 1.7), which is unheard of!!”)

For example, at the beginning of our program, 29% of our Optimizers felt connected to the best version of themselves. At the end, 93% (!) felt connected to the Optimus best version of themselves. (!!)

At the beginning of the program, 37% exercised for 25+ minutes a day. At the end, that number was 64%. Meditation? Same thing. 43% meditated every day on Day 1. (Which is actually a really high number! lol.) 89% (!!) meditated every day on Day 300.

How about Confidence? Well, on Day 1, 37% felt calm and confident and present most of the day. On Day 300 that number was 88%.

Perhaps most inspiring (as this is one of THE central themes of the program and a key ingredient to living happily AND heroically!), on Day 1, only 23% of the Optimizers in the program leaned in to challenges (vs. avoiding them). On Day 300, 79% of our Optimizers were leaning in to their challenges!! (#OMMS!)

58% felt they could handle any challenge life presents on Day 1. That became 90% on Day 300. 83% felt more excited than anxious at the end, while only 41% could say that in the beginning.

Those same stats repeated themselves in Work, with an overwhelming majority of our Coaches feeling a deeper sense of purpose, engagement, focus, and productivity at Work. (While learning to manage digital distractions and, as a result, Optimizing not only their productivity but their sense of what we call “Energized Tranquility.”)

And, the same stats showed up in their Connections with friends/family/colleagues/community and humanity in general.

Then we have the healthy habits. Eating. Moving. Sleeping. Etc.

ALL Optimized.

Eating-wise: 53% said they followed their nutritional philosophy on Day 1 whereas 84% said that on Day 300. Which is why we also saw a shift from 46% who felt it was easy to maintain their ideal weight to 76% saying that at the end. (btw: I was perhaps most astonished by the number of people who told us they’re back to a weight they NEVER thought they’d see again!)

Sleep-wise: We spend a lot of time helping people a) get the fact that sleep is SUPER important then we spend an equal amount of time helping them b) get great sleep!

Science says that the #1 tip to getting a good night of sleep is to turn off your electronics at least an hour before bed. (We call that a Digital Sunset.) Which is why I was thrilled to see the percentage of people who spent time without screens before bed move from 32% on Day 1 to 87% (!!!) on Day 300.

Which, of course, all translated into feeling more Energized both in the beginning of the day AND at the end of the day. Get this: 46% said they started the day Energized on Day 1. On Day 300 that was 85%!!!

All of which brings us back to the most important measure.

Did we help people feel more connected to the best version of themselves?

Yes. That, again, went from 29% to (a staggering) 93%. ← !!!

Why is that important?

Well, because that’s pretty much what ALL the great wisdom traditions have told us is THE most important thing we can do and what our program is, ultimately, ALL about.

You can check out illustrations of all the data here. Our brilliant sketch artist, Yasmine (who designs all the worksheets that are part of our program), put them into fun visual sketches like this:

So, I can humbly and confidently say that we KNOW our Optimize Coach program can help you truly change your life.

Now, let’s talk more about who the program is for (and who it’s NOT for) and then I’ll give you a high-level overview of what you can expect and HOW we achieve those (in the words of our research partner!) astonishing results.

The 300-Day Optimize Coach Program

The Optimize Coach certification training program is 10 months long. (Technically, it is 300 days long. Yes, that’s a nod to our ancient Spartan Heroes.)

Note: After you register, you’ll be given access to the Optimize Coach platform within 24 hours, and instructions on how to get warmed up before we get going!

Day 1 = January 3rd, 2022.

Graduation Weekend = TBD!!

👆 Once COVID allows, we’ll have a special graduation weekend to celebrate the greatest year of our lives and to commit to changing the world together. More on that in a moment…

The program is, of course, grounded in our Optimize content: PhilosophersNotes, Optimize +1s and Optimal Living 101 classes.


What makes the program so powerful is the Mastery Series.

Imagine me distilling the absolute best wisdom from the 600+ PhilosophersNotes, 1,000+ Optimize +1s, and 50 Optimal Living 101 classes into ONE super-practical curriculum to help you fundamentally and permanently change your life.

THAT is what the Mastery Series is all about.

It’s the cornerstone of all of our work together in our Optimize Coach program.

There are 7 (+1) Modules to the program.

Here’s the overview…

Module O: The Optimize Mastery Series

Our first week together is a preview of the entire curriculum with Module O: The Optimize Mastery Series.

We'll explore what's to come in each of the 7 Modules that follow, take a few quick trips (to heaven, hell, and your eulogy), and learn how to flip-the-switch into the best version of ourselves.

(Note: You can access Module O in its entirety, including the Practice video, worksheets, and even a related Live Coaching session, here.)

Module I: Eudaimonology

We officially kick the party off with Module I on what we call "Eudaimon-ology” (The Study of a Good Soul), in which we define the game we’re playing and how to play it well.

(Hint: Become the best version of yourself and close the gap between who you’re CAPABLE of being and who you’re ACTUALLY being by living with virtue RIGHT NOW!!)

Aristotle and Martin Seligman join us as proxies for Ancient Wisdom + Modern Science as we commit to moving from Theory to Practice to Mastery as we operationalize virtue and give the world all we’ve got.

Module II: Hero-ology

With that super-important foundation set, we’re ready to move on to Module II on what we call “Hero-ology” (aka: The Study of a Good Hero). (Note: That would be YOU!)

As you may know, I’m in a documentary about Joseph Campbell and the modern hero’s journey called Finding Joe. Deepak Chopra, Laird Hamilton, Robin Sharma and some other great teachers are also in there.

I HIGHLY recommend it in general and ESPECIALLY if you’re thinking about taking your life to the next level.

You can join over a million people and watch the entire movie for free on YouTube. The director, Patrick Solomon, (heroically!) put it up when COVID did its thing. (You can also check it out at and on Amazon.)


In Module II on Hero-ology, I basically OPERATIONALIZE the wisdom from that movie.

Of course, it’s nice to get all inspired by a movie or a weekend workshop or whatever.

But… ECHO! … (Am I repeating myself? Yes. I’m repeating myself!) …

It’s an ENTIRELY different thing to ACTUALLY FUNDAMENTALLY AND PERMANENTLY change your life.

Module III: The Big 3 (x2)

After helping us cultivate our Antifragile Confidence, Heroic Courage and Response-Ability, we move on to Module III called The Big 3 (x2).

It’s time to move from the abstract to the concrete.

Who are YOU at your absolute best Energy + Work + Love wise?

What are your Identities + Virtues + Behaviors?

That’s our Big 3 (x2). (So many of our Masters + Coaches have told us that getting clarity on this is life changing.)

If you feel so inspired, take a moment and imagine your BEST self Energy wise. Who are you? How do you feel? What about your BEST self Work wise? Feel more purpose and productivity? And what about Love wise? Are you more present and connected and joyful?

Helping you connect to and BE that Optimus-best version of you is, again, what the program is all about.

Remember the stats on feeling more connected to the best version of themselves?

On Day 1 of the program, only 29% felt connected to that best version of themselves. We operationalize that connection via our Big 3 (x2) (and everything else we do) such that, on Day 300, an astonishing (!) 93% feel more connected to the best version of themselves.

(Again, THIS is the secret sauce!!)

Module IV: Carpe Diem

From there, we ask: “OK. When should we actually apply all this?”

Of course, the answer is (unequivocally!) TODAY!!! Which is why Module IV is called “Carpe Diem.”

We spend a couple of months (!!!) helping you become a MASTER in creating Masterpiece Days.

After a Big Picture discussion, we START with your PM Bookend. We’ve gotta know that our days ACTUALLY started the night before. (Again, this is life changing when we get it. Science says that a good night of sleep is like walking over a bridge from despair to Hope and we give you the simple practical tools to wake up feeling Energized and ready to rock.)

Then we help you architect your AM Bookends—making your mornings awesome—before walking through how to Optimize our Energy + Work + Love in the context of getting REALLY good at creating REALLY great days.

One of the powerful themes of our work together is helping you create a “protocol.” Basically, we’ve gotta know what we do when we’re at our best. THEN (goosebumps) DO THAT!!!

Note: Life really isn’t THAT complicated. What works? Do more of that. What doesn’t work? STOP doing that!! (!!!)

Of course, systematically helping you operationalize that wisdom is what the program is all about and why, when you REALLY get it and REALLY practice it, you can FUNDAMENTALLY and PERMANENTLY change your life.

(btw: Here’s a note one of our Coaches sent to his friends about our program telling them how he’d tried all kinds of programs before but it wasn’t until our program that he (and now I’m misty typing this), GOT IT and changed his life.)

That’s Module IV. You are now well-equipped to play the game well as an Optimizing Hērō TODAY.

Module V: Algorithms

Now it’s time for us to get REALLY (!) good at moving from Theory to Practice to Mastery.

It’s time for Module V. We call this one “Algorithms” but we could have called it “Self-Mastery 101.”

The theme we hit over the four sessions here?

Use your willpower wisely to install habits that run on autopilot via algorithms.

I repeat that over and over again.

Use your willpower wisely to install habits that run on autopilot via algorithms.

Use your willpower wisely to install habits that run on autopilot via algorithms.

Use your willpower wisely to install habits that run on autopilot via algorithms.

In this Module, we integrate the best of Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science to help you master behavior design, Installing THE #1 habit that will most (!) change your life THEN Deleting the #1 kryptonite habit that is most destroying your life.

On that note, let’s pause for a moment.

If you could INSTALL just ONE habit that you KNOW would most change your life, what would it be?


What’s the FIRST thing that just popped in your head?

Imagine having the tools to install that habit. How would your life change?

Fast-forward x years. What would be different? How would you be showing up?


Imagine installing not only that habit but ALSO mastering the process of installing habits so you can stack on all the other great habits.


By using your willpower wisely to install habits that run on autopilot via algorithms.


If you could DELETE just ONE bad habit that you KNOW would most change your life, what would it be?


What’s the FIRST thing that just popped in your head?

What’s the kryptonite habit that you KNOW needs to go? (No shame. We ALL have stuff we’re working on. What is it for you?)

Now, imagine having the tools to finally (!) get rid of that habit. How would your life change?

Fast-forward x years. What would be different? How would you be showing up?


Imagine getting rid of not only that bad habit but ALSO mastering the process of deleting all the other bad habits so you can finally quit giving away your power and give us all you’ve got!

(btw: Know this: THIS is actually the fastest way to change our lives. STOP DOING STUPID STUFF!) (lol) (Seriously!!))

Our Head Coach, Michael, wraps us this Module with a session on “Power Algorithms”—sharing the Optimize Top 10 Power Algorithms and challenging you to create YOUR Top 10 most-life-changing habits.

btw: Each of our 25 sessions in the 7 Modules over our 300-day program feature an hour-or-so “Theory” class from me followed up by set of “Practice“ videos led by Michael in which he walks you through the various Reflection and Action exercises that are part of our 150-page Workbook you’ll get as well.


With Modules I through V under our belt, if you’ve done ANY work at all (lol), you’re a different person.

(Side note: I will always remember an Optimize Coach Zoom meetup I joined in which one of the guys at this stage of the program (goosebumps again as I type this) told me that he’d dropped something like 25 pounds and had TRIPLED his sales. Hah. And, he was doing the program with his wife who said he’s also a better husband and father and human. #misty)

Module VI: The Fundies

Now we’re ready for what might be THE most important part of the program: Module VI: The Fundies.

In this Module—we spend THREE MONTHS applying ALL the stuff we’ve learned to truly (!) master the most fundamental aspects of Optimizing.

We have 7 core fundies.

Eating. Moving. Sleeping. Breathing. Focusing. Celebrating. Prospering.

They each get their own dedicated session (along with a Fundamental behavior that you’ll need to Practice every day in order to earn an Optimize Coach Certification, things like following your nutritional philosophy, moving for twenty-five minutes or walking 10,000 steps a day, shutting down your electronics one hour before bedtime, intentionally cultivating energized tranquility via your breath, spending eleven minutes training your mind via meditation, appreciating the gifts in your life, and completing your daily Big 3 (x2) Carpe Diem Journal) but this is already way too long (hah!) so let’s skip the details on The Fundies for now.

Module VII: Optimus You

We wrap up it up with Module VII which brings us right back to the beginning. It’s called “Optimus You: Practicing Your Philosophy.”

In this one, we connect all the dots and then challenge you to create a little Handbook for yourself with THE most life-changing lessons you’ve learned as we re-commit to giving the world all we’ve got.

As you can tell, I’m fired up about this stuff.

I’ve spent (literally) THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS (and THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS!!!) of hours studying and teaching (and, most importantly, striving to embody!) the fundamental principles of Ancient Wisdom + Modern Science.

This Mastery Series is the distillation of my life’s work.

* As I typed that, I realized I could share a little behind-the-scenes video I did giving an overview of the program (aka My Life’s Work) in 1 hour 11 minutes and 35 seconds. Here it is.

That’s the Mastery Series.

Again, it’s the foundation of all of our work together. But, it’s not the only thing…

The Soul Force Forge

In addition to the Mastery Series (and a selection of the most essential PhilosophersNotes, +1s, and 101s content we curate for the program), I do 1-on-1 Live Coaching with our Coaches twice a month in what we call a “Soul Force Forge.”

We also have regular Live Coaching sessions with my Co-Founder Alexandra, and our Head Coach, Michael multiple times every month.

All to help you move from Theory to Practice to Mastery and personally APPLY what you’re learning to your life.


What else? Oh! Yes. Important detail.

As important as the Optimize content will be, the focal point of the program will be OPERATIONALIZING all the wisdom into consistent, virtuous behavior—such that your prior best becomes your new baseline.

THAT is the hard part. THAT is what we are committed to helping you (and your clients/colleagues/family/etc.) truly MASTER as a result of your participation in our program. And THAT is what will be required in order for you to successfully graduate.

Moving on to a couple more points…

Optimize Buddies

Navy SEALs go through their training with a swim buddy. (And then they have a swim buddy throughout their SEAL careers.) Although we’ll spare you the Hell Week, I’m inspired by both the astonishingly high standards of SEAL training and the importance of having a swim buddy.

This is one of the reasons we're giving you a free ticket for a friend. Life is better in community. Go find the one person in the world with whom you want to go to the next level (goosebumps). Their Coach tuition is on us.

Basic idea: You and your Optimize Buddy will hold each other accountable to your Optimus selves and refuse to accept failure.

All of which leads us to…

The Investment

As we’ve already discussed a bunch of times… Tuition for our Optimize Coach certification program is normally $1,000 USD.

If you sign up now, you can join Optimize Coach - Class VIII for only $300. AND you get to bring a friend for friend for free.

We used to price it at a deliberately super (!) low price point because a) we’re committed to giving the best to the most for the least and b) we know times are tougher than ever and we want to do all we can to help make sure money isn’t getting in the way and c) we want to absolutely astonish you as we make this unquestionably the best investment you’ve ever made in yourself. (PERIOD.)

Now we’ve gone even lower because it’s time to change the world and we hope this super-low price point will make it an absolute no brainer for you. And, of course, that our program will truly help you be the change you want to see as you make 2022 HEROICALLY AWESOME!!

Oh! We’re also a Public Benefit Corporation (learn more about that here + here + here) and are absolutely (!) committed to running our business with virtue and we want you to FEEL our love and commitment to you and want you to say, “You know what? If I was running a business like that, that’s what I’d do.”

If all that sounds like fun, we’d be honored to welcome you into our Coach program.

I’m honored that you’re contemplating the opportunity to join our Optimize Coach program.



“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead