The Heroic Workshop Will Help You:

I. Know the Ultimate Game

Ancient wisdom and modern science agree. The ultimate game is simple: Put your virtues into action.

II. Forge Antifragile Confidence

A good, noble, Heroic life is supposed to be challenging. It's time to forge antifragile confidence and get stronger the more life kicks us around.

III. Optimize Your Big 3

Want to go to the next level? Focus on optimizing the Big 3: Energy, Work, and Love. Get these right and we're 90% there.

IV. Make Today a Masterpiece

Today's the day to move from theory to practice. Here's how to make today a masterpiece. Good luck having a bad day following your new protocol.

V. Master Yourself

Self-mastery is all about using our willpower wisely to install habits that run on autopilot. Enter: Structural, reactive, and expansive discipline.

VI. Dominate the Fundamentals

Create Heroic strength for two by dominating these fundies: Eating, Moving, Sleeping, Breathing, Focusing, Celebrating, and Prospering.

VII. Activate Your Soul Force

You have a superpower. We call it Soul Force. It's time to activate it all day every day. Get ready to astonish yourself with your power.

Meet Your Guide

Brian Johnson is 50% Philosopher + 50% CEO and 101% committed to helping create a world in which 51% of the world’s population is flourishing by the year 2051.

As a Founder/CEO he’s raised $25M+, built and sold two social platforms and made crowdfunding history. As a Philosopher/teacher, he’s helped hundreds of thousands of people from around the world and created a protocol that science says changes lives.

Meet Heroic

Heroic is a social training platform that integrates ancient wisdom, modern science, and world-class, scientifically-proven behavioral design tools to help you show up as the best, most Heroic version of yourself.

We’re also a history-making, crowdfunded Public Benefit Corporation committed to changing the world by running our business the way we think our heroes would—with wisdom, self-mastery, courage, and love.

We’ve served hundreds of thousands of people from every country around the world and over 10,000 people from over 100 countries have joined our Heroic Performance Coach certification and empowerment program. These Heroic Coaches are our force multipliers leading our movement.

It’s time to move from theory to practice to mastery as we activate our Soul Force together and give the world all we’ve got.

Day 1. All in. Let’s go, Hero!