Big thank you to everyone who joined our second official Optimize Coach Women’s Circle last Saturday. It was such a joy to connect with you all. I feel so grateful to have such a powerful community!

I know I left the call feeling stronger, more radiant and empowered by our time together. I hope you felt something similar! 🙂

A quick recap of the day for any one who missed it or wanted to revisit our time together:

We moved to:

  • Better When I’m Dancing by Meghan Trainor
  • Just Do You by India Arie
  • May I Suggest by Red Molly

We meditated by:

  • Checking in with how our bodies felt, noticing where we were holding tension, and connecting to our energy, our hearts, our emotions, and our minds. We imagined our body, heart and mind integrating, and celebrated that union.

We journaled on:

  • Gratitude by writing out things that we are grateful for about ourselves.
  • Alchemizing our weaknesses by either embracing them or doing something to change them. We explored what gets in the way of our brilliance, what perceived weaknesses stop us from being our best selves, stop us from following our dreams, from being willing to experiment and fail.

We took a deep dive into:

  • Cycles and rhythms. We have our days, our months, our years and seasons of life. We have cycles that are challenging and feel impossible, cycles where we feel seen and celebrated, and cycles where we feel our power and crush it. We explored how to be a YES to it ALL, and to supporting each other through all cycles.
  • The New Moon - a great time to let go of the past and set new intentions for the next phase. The moon changes effect the tides of the ocean and our bodies are made 70% of water and more than 70% of Earth is covered in water. Our bodies are microcosms of the macrocosm of the world…the universe. We harnessed the new moon energy to set some intentions by tuning into our bodies and our hearts, allowing our intuition to guide us we defined the best use of our attention for this moon cycle.

We created a ritual by:

  • Inviting gratitude for what is, and burning our list of perceived weaknesses to help alchemize what we want to release and what we want to invite into our lives.

I hope you’re continuing to connect with yourself, your deepest desires, and continuing to feel stronger, braver and more joyful as we go out and rock this month!

Big Love,

P.S. We’re looking forward to connecting with you again next month! We’ll share the day and time for our next Circle soon. 🙂


  • I am Wild by Mamuse
  • Just Do You by India.Arie
  • Fight Song by Rachel Platten
  • Positivity by Beautiful Chorus


Gratitude Practice (3 mins)

  • Take a few minutes and write down as many gratitudes you can think of.

Manifesting Desires Activity (20 mins)

  • Set a timer for 10 minutes and free write all of your desires and dreams, capturing whatever comes up for you. Just let it flow. When your timer ends, read through your words and circle the ones that make you feel a deep zing in your heart.
  • Set a new timer for 5 minutes and on a fresh sheet of paper (that you don’t need to keep) write any habits, behaviors, thoughts, fears that you’d like to let go of. When your timer goes off, take that sheet of paper and rip it into little pieces… you’re breaking those things down into compost to fuel and feed your dreams. Take a few deep breaths and release the things that no longer serve you.
  • Now go back to your desire and dream list, and pick one thing that is really calling to you right now… on a new piece of paper (ideally one that you can rip out) capture that thing as a commitment.“I am committed to creating…” (Feel free to make the language your own)
  • Create space for stillness, to breathe that desire into your heart space. How does this dream make you feel? Feel that emotion in your entire heart and body. Allow yourself to celebrate this unique dream… give yourself permission to own it and create it…Notice any fears or doubts or stories that come up and say thank you for sharing and bring your attention back to your intention and your dream. Keep holding it in your mind, body and heart. Imagine filling up your entire body with this dream…
  • Next, take those fears/limitation pieces of paper you ripped up and dig a hole in the earth and put them in there… That’s your compost. Your opportunity to alchemize it all into rich fertile soil for your dreams. Then take the piece of paper with your main dream on it and plant it in the earth above your fears and limitations. You can plant it on a hike, in your garden, in a park, somewhere that you can visit often… Hold the intention that this ritual is planting the seed of possibility to blossom and bloom. Be open and receptive and invite the power of nature, the universe, life force, spirit, god to work its magic.