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Happy Sunday.

Hope you’ve had another great week!

And, as per Thursday’s +1, that you’ve declared your independence and are striving to win the war within!

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Let’s get right to the Brief!

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1. Thank You!

As Brian shared earlier this week, we’re reflecting on the power of the last few weeks and months (and years) and looking forward to the NEXT few months and years and decades. And we just want to say…


It’s a privilege and honor for us to do what we do, and we deeply appreciate you and your support on this mission to help create a flourishing world, together!



2. Your next level awaits!

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3. Live Coaching with Dr. Stuart Brown

Dr. Stuart Brown joined Alexandra and our Coaches this week to discuss the power of play.

Stuart is the founder of the National Institute for Play. He is the author of the book Play: How it Shapes the Brain, Opens the Imagination, and Invigorates the Soul. Dr. Brown has dedicated much of his career to the study of human play and he has been researching play for decades.

Coaches, check out the Luminary Session with Dr. Stuart Brown here.

4. Areté: Activate Your Heroic Potential

Amazon is currently running a sale on the hardcover edition of Areté for only $17.89 — 40% off of the list price of $29.99!!

Thank you to everyone who left one of the 1,271 reviews on Goodreads and 657 reviews on Amazon!

(Join them by leaving your review here!)

Check out a few recent ones:

“This is a great book for delving into or for having a tidbit of inspiration each day. Johnson is passionate about making people better, and this book is obviously a work of love. Don't expect to read it in one sitting (but you'll want to), but do expect it to wildly impact your thoughts and actions.” by Sandy G

“This book has set me on a new trajectory. Written in bite-sized juicy nuggets it is a hefty tomb of wisdom with hundreds of insights from masters and everyday life, condensed and sequenced into a map that will enable you to shift your life +1° at a time - starting today! I have not finished it yet...but am using it as part of my daily AM routine. I crack it open to see what morsel will be my focus for the day. As an educator and transitions coach, it has helped me rethink my messaging to students, staff, clients....and myself! Highly recommend.” by Patricia

“This is a super rich, incredibly dense packaging of the best coaching program in the world - it's no contest. Mind blowing, really. To get this all in a single book, simply amazing! As the title states, it's the best, and most comprehensive life advice available anywhere in the world, suitable for all humans. One would benefit greatly from diving deeper into the Heroic program, however, this book is the most direct and efficient way to engage with this transformational content. Given the chance, it will change your life, guaranteed.” by Linda

“If you want a book to help you improve & cover it all, from a HEROIC mindset full of Areté (excellence), then this is the book for you.” by Jian Marco Balahadia


Let’s get to 1,000 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️!!! If you read and love Areté, but haven’t taken a minute to leave a review, please do that here!

And… if you haven’t grabbed a copy yet, you can do that (and get a 40% discount!!) here!

5. Community Celebrations

Here’s a few of the latest posts from Heroes putting their philosophy into action this week.

Matt got in some Workshop reps with his family (who want MORE wisdom), Dennis baked some Hero Bars on his 16.5 mile hike filled with obstacles, and Justin’s Grand Canyon Adventure didn’t go as planned, but he used his Heroic Coach training to remain calm and make it through:

“I am grateful for the countless +1's, Philosopher Notes and Heroic Coach. I was extremely prepared mentally to eat the challenge like an energy bar antifragile style. I knew that it would all work out perfectly.”

(And echoing the gratitude for all of the men and women serving in first responders and tactical positions, for their constant vigilance and work to keep us safe at home and abroad! 🙏)

Check out more posts like these on Heroic social.

+1. Wisdom from the week:

“The shortest and surest way to live with honor in the world is to be in reality what we would appear to be.”

— Socrates

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And this week’s Heroic +1s:


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With Wisdom + Discipline + Love + Courage + Gratitude + Hope + Curiosity + Zest.

Heroes Unite!

Let’s do this.

Day 1.

-Michael and Team Heroic

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