Michael here. 👋

I’m on a flight headed home from Austin after one of the absolute best weeks of my (and our Heroic movement’s!) life.

Over 100+ of our top Heroic Coaches joined us to be part of our inaugural class of Heroic Workshop Instructors.

According to one of the participants, (a HIGHLY believable, coaches world-class athletes, has done Tony Robbins' events multiple times, etc. kind of radiantly awesome human,) it was “the best mental performance and leadership development training I’ve ever done.”

Note: As I shared earlier in the week, we’re already planning our next training event!!! More on that soon.


We followed up that training with an extraordinary Heroic Activation Weekend and HOT (95°+ F) Spartan race in which every (!) single (!) hero (!) who joined us on the race course FINISHED and crossed the finish line. (Plus some additional, honorary heroes that we picked up along the way!)

SPECIAL shout out to our VP of Impact, Jana Dybinski, who is the driving force behind all of our live events and the mastermind (and heart!) creator of astonishing awesome experiences.

FANTASTIC work Jana! 🙏


We also had our first TWO new 101s in 18+ months:

Forging a Heroically Confident Mind 101

How We’re Going to Change the World Together 101

Note2: Recordings of both will be available soon.

Note3: Learn more about how to become an investor in Heroic at Wefunder.com/Heroic


We had TWO new Philosopher’s Notes, another week’s worth of Heroic +1s, and so much more.

Let’s get to it!

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1. Move by Move by Maurice Ashley

This week, we had two new Philosopher’s Notes: Move by Move by Maurice Ashley and The Confident Mind by Dr. Nate Zinsser.

Here’s the intro quote to Move by Move:

“I first fell in love with chess as a fourteen-year-old sophomore at Brooklyn Technical High School. After an easy route at the hands of a classmate, I came across a chess book in the school library, and my love affair with learning everything I could about the game has not stopped to this day. I’ve shared the life lessons in this book with players everywhere from New York and Detroit to Kingston and Zanzibar, and I’ve spoken about the connections between chess and business with companies such as Amazon, Google, and Pinterest. Chess has changed me in fundamental ways, and its eternal truths have helped me navigate the complexities of life’s paths in more situations than I could have imagined.

While I believe in the uplifting power of chess ‘to make people happy,’ I have also witnessed the transformative power of chess in classrooms and prison cells. Thinking like a chess player can make you a better decision-maker, problem-solver, and strategist. It can help you think before you leap while also trusting your intuition, map out the future while staying firmly rooted in the present, and master yourself while seeing the world through the eyes of others. It is a game that can provide a lifetime of joyful entertainment while also being a serious discipline that can change lives.

Move by Move is a collection of the most compelling lessons chess has taught me. It contains insights on managing chaos and complexity, balancing sacrifices and risks, analyzing backward to solve problems, and embracing imperfection. You’ll learn how to build a winner’s mentality and how not to be derailed by success. You’ll come to understand the most critical elements of strategy and why learning through loss is a key path to greatness. And maybe most important, you’ll learn that to get to the top of the mountain, you must first conquer yourself.

I hope these lessons change your life the way they have changed mine.”

— Maurice Ashley from Move by Move

(Get instant access to these new Philosopher’s Notes (and 600+ others and a TON of other goodness!) with Heroic Premium. Your first 30 days are free!)

2. Activating 100+ Cities through Local Leaders

Our inaugural group of Heroic Workshop Trainers showed up!!! Nearly every person who participated (98%!) earned their “candidate” status, which will turn into a certificate after they complete two live workshops in their local communities.

All of our Workshop Instructor Trainer candidates also earned THEIR Level 2 certifications, taking themselves (and their groups!) to the next level with their energy, personal instructional styles, and dynamic execution.

Great, great, GREAT work: Adam Lugsch-Tehle, Calman Hilkert, Caroline Roberts, George Thorman, Hillory Dahle, Jeff Everage, Karen Noble, Lori Mage, Marc Bowker, Mark Walker, Sarah Maxfield, and Tony Bushong. And another special shout out and appreciation to Jeff! 🙏🙇‍♂️

Almost every single person we talked to said some variation of how powerful and awesome the workshop training was.

Again, thank you to everyone who showed up and put in the work. 🙌🙌

Check out what Lori, Kane, Debbie, Kelly, Jennifer, and Patrick had to say about their experience.

See all the workshop posts on Heroic social.


If you’d like to join our next group of Certified Workshop Instructors, let us know here!

More on workshops soon.

3. The Confident Mind by Dr. Nate Zinsser

Here’s the intro quote to The Confident Mind:

“…Confidence makes one’s peak performance possible, and that’s why it’s of such great importance to anyone who has to step into an arena and deliver their best. ...

I’m not just referring to those relatively few individuals who compete in college, professional, or Olympic sports: I’m describing anyone who is striving to achieve success in any field. No matter what ‘game’ you happen to play, you perform best in that state of certainty where you no longer think about how you will hit the ball, throw the ball, or make the move/speech/proposal or about what the implications of winning and losing might be. All those thoughts interfere with (1) your perception of the situation (like the flight of the ball or the movement of an opponent or the understanding of a customer), (2) your automatic recall from your stored experiences of the proper response, and (3) your unconscious instructions to your muscles and joints about how precisely to contract and relax in sequence to make the right move or the right comment at the right instant. Whether your game involves instantly reading a hostile defense and delivering a football to the right spot, returning an opponent’s serve, or delivering a sales pitch to a roomful of skeptical prospects, you perform more consistently at the top of your ability when you are so certain about yourself, so confident in yourself, that your stream-of-consciousness thoughts slow down to the barest minimum. …

The real question is about you. Are you as good at your job, your profession, your passion, as you could be? Would your life be different if you won your own First Victory and had Eli [Manning]’s level of confidence (not his arm, not his football IQ, just his confidence)? I’m pretty sure your answer is yes. In the pages ahead, you will find what you’re looking for.”

— Dr. Nate Zinsser from The Confident Mind

4. Conquering Obstacles Together

For the 3rd time, Team Heroic rolled up to a Spartan Race in a fleet of buses and wave of Soul Force that brought a special energy to the course and everyone on it.

From stories of personal celebration—conquering new obstacles, overcoming fear, or getting to the starting line…to how we showed up for each other on the course—hoisting, pushing, pulling, or offering advice and encouragement…we did it, together!!! It was a super inspiring, energizing, uplifting day.

I don’t know how many times we heard “These people are amazing…” over the last week, but it never gets old!

YOU ARE ALL AMAZING!!! We love you!!!

Check out what Cameron, Lateef, Kathy, Kelly, and Lori have to say. Then check out ALL the other amazing posts on Heroic social.

We hope to see you at the next one!

5. Community Celebrations

We LOVED connecting with so many of you this week, and seeing you celebrate on social!

Thank you for your commitment to changing the world, together!!!

Check out what Christopher, Borja, Karin, Jay, Sue P., Kevin, Graves, Becky, Sue S., and everyone else has to say on Heroic social.

And keep them coming…

+1. Wisdom from the week:

“While we may sometimes be able to see amazing results with flashier methods, the gains that do not come through diligence, sacrifice, and determination are often less personally impactful.”

— Maurice Ashley

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And this week’s Heroic +1s:


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With Wisdom + Discipline + Love + Courage + Gratitude + Hope + Curiosity + Zest.

Heroes Unite!

Let’s forge excellence.

Activate our collective potential.

Fulfill our collective destiny.

And change the world, together.

Day 1.

-Michael and Team Heroic

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