Here’s Bri from the post:

Heroic Toronto FC 1

Charlotte FC 0

I’m still buzzing from an inspiring couple of days with my dear friend John Herdman and his INCREDIBLE organization, Toronto FC.

I feel blessed to have had the chance to connect with the team the morning before their final practice and with the team *behind* the team in the afternoon as we help integrate Heroic throughout the organization.

Then to watch them all in action game day and see what ARETÉ looks like in action. Goosebumps wow.

Most importantly, and what I think will be the key to their success in the months and years ahead… I’m blown away by the kindness and thoughtfulness and LOVE with which they ALL welcomed me and Michael. I’ll be sharing more about John’s incredible leadership and some of the things that I think he does so well that led to the incredible moment with Insigne after his astonishing goal.

+1s coming soon.

I had tears in my eyes filming the moment from the stands when he lept into John’s arms. Not possible for a player to show any more love for his coach than that. Then the “Brotherhood” all celebrated together. Goosebumps and tears in my eyes in that moment and now as I type this.

Alexandra and the kids watched the whole game from home and sent me the moment from the livestream right after the match when John and I celebrated that (goosebumps/misty) was captured on the Jumbotron (which makes me laugh with joy!)

Then Michael and I had an equally inspiring celebratory and strategic dinner after it all.

Feeling INCREDIBLY blessed to do what I do with YOU, our Heroic community, and the growing number of ELITE organizations we are blessed to serve.

I’ll be sharing a longer update soon but it’s truly just Day 1. We are just getting started with Heroic.

I have never been more committed to fulfilling our Mission to help create a world in which 51% of humanity is flourishing by 2051 and I’ve never been more humbly confident in our ability to make a significant contribution to help make that happen.

Day 1. All in. Let’s go.