Heroes!! Brian here with a quick note. 👋

I’m typing this on Saturday morning.

I literally just recorded the first 45+ minutes of the audiobook for my/our book, Areté: Activate Your Heroic Potential.

And I simply couldn’t wait to share it with you.


Here it is!

Listen on the Podcast (Apple | Android | Spotify), by downloading the MP3 here, or on YouTube here.

I got a little emotional recording Phil’s foreword to the book and then I felt a pure sense of joy as I recorded the first 10 micro-chapters.

I could feel what I hope (!) YOU feel as you read and listen to the book.

After my hour+ recording session I came out of the studio and into the kitchen and told Alexandra just how excited I was about the book.

Of course, when you go through any creative process, you inevitably have moments when it’s not quite coming together the way you want and you question whether it will ever become what you REALLY want your piece of art to become.

And, of course, nothing is ever perfect and this won’t be the first perfect book (lol) but, as I recorded the first part of the audiobook and as I shared with Alexandra right after I did it…

I just felt really proud of the book, and more importantly REALLY EXCITED to share it with you and your families.


There ya go.

I hope you enjoy the audiobook sample. It’s the first 10 micro-chapters of the book. Imagine 451 (!!!!) like that.

It’s the first 45 minutes of the book. Imagine around 25 more HOURS like that.

My goodness, I hope you love it and that we’re able to deliver on Phil’s promise that this book will change your life. 🙏

(Yes, you know me. I just got misty typing that.)

Here’s the other thing I thought of as I recorded that and made the final final final final little polishes to the book before we print the first copy (and 50,000 copies !!) in a couple weeks…I thought of all the people who already bought 25+ copies.

Like bricks at a local park built by the community, our book will have the names of the people/families/businesses who supported the creation of it.


If YOU would like to have YOUR name/your kids’/family’s name/your business’s name in OUR book…


We need to know you’d like to be in there and need to know what name(s) you’d like in there NO LATER THAN THIS WEDNESDAY!!!


If you think you’d like to buy 25+ copies as (holiday!) gifts for your friends and family and colleagues and clients, etc…


And let us know you did it via this quick form: heroicpbc.typeform.com/preorder

I’m so grateful to have your support and so committed to serving you as profoundly as I can while making you proud to be a part of our movement.

With love (misty again), courage, wisdom, discipline and eudaimonic joy, I say…


It’s Day 1.

All in.




P.S. In addition to getting your name in the book, you’ll also get a free ticket to our launch party-event if you want to join us in Austin in November.

You’ll also get a personal voice memo thank you from ME!

We’ve been blessed to have a number of people buy over 100 and 500 and even 1,000+ books. If you’d like to buy that many, just let us know (via this link TODAY!!!) and we’ll hook you up with a great discount, of course.


Special shout-out of thanks to these Heroes for the jumbo-huge pre-orders!!

🙌 🙏!!

Marty and Cheryl Bicknell of Mariner Wealth Advisors
Roger Whitney of Rock Retirement Club
Randy Eisenman of Satori Capital
Zac Zeitlin of New Ground Ventures

P.P.S. You can also read this update on our Wefunder page here: https://wefunder.com/updates/166876.

On that front…

As you might know, Heroic is a history-making, crowdfunded Public Benefit Corporation committed to changing the world by running our business the way we think our heroes would—with wisdom, self-mastery, courage, and love.

We’re blessed to have the support of 3,000 investors (just like you!) from over 75 countries around the world.

Would you like to become one of our Early-Stage Heroic Investors and own a piece of our movement while supporting us in our Mission to change the world? You can invest as little as $100 or as much as $1,000,000+.

Learn more and invest today at Wefunder.com/Heroic.


Any time we talk about our crowdfunding round, our attorneys remind us that we need to include this bit of legalese so here we go…

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