Testimonials From Friends

Heroic is an amazing company and Brian is a truly visionary, mission-driven CEO. Very few companies can blend both a strong profit business model with a broad platform to significantly improve the human condition. Brian has a gift for both synthesizing complex concepts and frameworks into practical, everyday content and for attracting the most dynamic thought leaders to his cause. I have so many friends and colleagues that I’ve introduced to Optimize and it has impacted their lives. I am proud to be a personal investor.

Matt McCall
Partner at Pritzker Group Venture Capital, formerly a Partner with DFJ Portage, named as one of the Top 100 VCs in the U.S

I am investing in Heroic because I care about the future of our world. These are extraordinary times and the challenges we face are unprecedented; to deal with these challenges we desperately need extraordinary leaders. And this is what Heroic is all about: preparing us as individuals and as a society to navigate the rough terrain and emerge stronger and better as a result.

Tal Ben-Shahar
Positive psychologist, bestselling author, taught largest class in Harvard’s history

My husband and I just invested $50,000 in Heroic because we trust the soundness of the investment AND we powerfully share the Heroic vision. Brian has an incredible track record in business—he’s generated a return for his investors 100% of the time. Heroic partnerships are so needed right now—and we can all do well by doing good. With every action we create the world we (and our kids and grandkids!) will live in. Let’s change the world together. These words give me goose bumps. I’m in!!!

Susan Peirce Thompson PhD
Professor, NYT bestselling author, founder of Bright Line Eating

Heroic is a unique opportunity: one where the investor is inspired by what the company does every day … where highly engaged and passionate customers experience personal growth and transformation … and where a great business is being built in the most deliberate, conscious way possible. I am honored to be a personal investor in the company.

Zac Zeitlin
Founder and Managing Director of New Ground Ventures

There are a lot of ideas that have potential to improve the quality of our lives. There are a lot of ideas backed by visionary, capable leaders. But it is a rare and wonderful thing to find these elements combined. I can’t wait to see all that HEROIC might contribute to our world.

Katherine Collins
Investor and Author of The Nature of Investing and Month of Sundays

I’ve known Brian since 1999 when I first worked for him at eteamz. He was inspiring then, and he’s inspiring now–always focusing on the value proposition to the end user. Every entrepreneur should study Brian–visionary, inspirational, and never ever gives up! Truly authentic. I’m excited that Brian has created another opportunity for me to participate in a world-changing venture as an investor, as a friend, and as a customer!

Kelly Perdew
VC, Entrepreneur, Military Veteran, Winner of Season 2 - The Apprentice, and father of twins!

At a time when both human and natural resources are overstressed, at a time when conventional business-growth models are proving unsustainable, I believe that the next wave of super-successful businesses will be focused on three things:

  1. Repairing, restoring and transforming troubled people, places, systems and things;
  2. Sustainably accessing and cultivating latent natural and human potential;
  3. Helping individuals and groups generate satisfaction and abundance through connection, fun, discovery and meaning (rather than stuff).

The reason I’m so gung ho about investing in Heroic is that they are beautifully and simultaneously all of the above.

They are phenomenal people committed to being the change they want to see. They are passionate about helping millions of others discover conscious, sustainable paths to health, happiness and optimal living. They are consummate professionals determined to give and create their best.

Can you tell that I love what they do? Read some of the letters their customers and scholarship students write, and you will love them too.

Pilar Gerasimo
Award-winning health journalist (Experience Life), author (The Healthy Deviant), and podcaster (The Living Experiment)

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