"Every day I use our Heroic app to re-commit to being my best self in my Energy, my Work, and in my Love. Why? Because I want to be Heroically Energized, Heroically Productive, and Heroically Connected.

Now, in my Energy protocol, I hit dozens of targets every single day.

I basically breadcrumb my day out, and do the things I know help me show up at my best. And you know what one of my things is?

Every single day I recommit to, and then use, my NanoVi technology.

I’ve hit this target 313 times since we launched our app about 180 days ago... which means I’m doing it at least once a day!

I started using it a couple of years ago, and I haven't missed a day of using it since I got it on Ben Greenfield and Ben Pakulski’s recommendation.

Do you wanna get your energy to a Heroic level?

I highly recommend you consider doing it as well.

NanoVi is our (first!) official Heroic Match-making partner - learn more about it here.

Day 1, Let's go!"

~ Brian Johnson