Why Did You Make the Switch from Vegan to Your Current Diet?


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The most important thing we can do is treat this conversation sincerely.

Compassion is a powerful word to step back and consider with our food, and not just in the traditional, “non-killing” sense. Compassion starts with ourselves. We too are animals who will die and feed the next generation of plants.

That being said, it’s crazy how much factory-farmed meat and how much sugar we consume.

We didn’t evolve to eat that quantity and type of animal products. So if we do choose to eat meat, let’s choose our source wisely. 100% grass-fed / pasture-raised / etc. is incredibly important.

And, let’s remember that it’s all an experiment. N = 1.

With each evolutionary cycle through different ways of eating, we learn a little bit more about what works for us.

(Brian started with low-fat veganism primarily as a humane thing, then transitioned to paleo and realized that grains simply don’t work for him. (“No grains, no migraines!”))