How Do We Play Poorly Well?


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Two key things to remember for playing poorly well:

When we aren’t feeling at our best is when we tend to want to do stupid things. So,
Rule #1: Don’t do stupid things,

Knowing that we’re most likely to want to do the stupid things when we’re not feeling at our best, let’s build structure with bright lines: “I will not do ______ anymore.”

Don’t go off the rails and do the pernicious things that feed the demon kryptonite.

Rule #2: Go do the “floor,” micro-version of what you said is best for you. And then celebrate with a “that’s like me.”

Instead of spiraling down, build the scaffolding that prevents a big fall by consistently do what needs to get done.

Consistency over intensity.

Another related idea: always leave a little energy in the tank. Don’t go SO hard that it takes you a long period of time to recover.