How Do We Combat Overconsumption?


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Remember that the ability to flip-the-switch and choose our response always exists.

We want to be mindful of the desire to over-consume, and then calibrate and choose how to show up.

Can you ground yourself with a single breath? That’s a really powerful place to start.

Overconsumption is Aristotle’s “vice of excess” in action. Too much of anything, including a good thing, is a bad thing. And it can show up in all of our fundamentals.

Eating: We overeat. We evolved to seek sweetness as a means of surviving, but now it’s everywhere and our brains haven’t caught up. Let’s re-program our taste buds.

Moving: Most people overtrain and under-recover. Or are over-sedentary. Let’s find the healthy balance.

Sleeping: An over-consumption of stimulation is causing an under-consumption of rest. Let’s have clear digital shutdowns and prioritize great sleep.

Breathing: Most people over-breathe. Let’s breathe less to breath right: through the nose, deep into the belly, and with long, slow exhales. 3.5-5x per minute.

Presence: We over-consume inputs. Let’s get good at flipping the switch and slowing down.

Prosper: We’re consuming more than we’re creating. Let’s step off the hedonic treadmill.

As with anything, experiment to find what’s best for you. Make the connection between the choices you make and how it makes you feel.