How Can I Better Navigate Peer-Pressure with Friends around Food and Drink?


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Always start with yourself. Sit down and have that conversation with your daimon during a deep work session.

Practice unilaterality. Ask, “What little things could I do better?” Make it a game to never again be demonstrative or make it about anyone else.

There’s a joy in settling into a deeper level of self-trust and self-reliance when you know what’s right for you and you do it.

Practically, go well fed if there isn’t going to be food. Or just don’t eat.

If people comment, share what you’re up to without making it a big deal. “My Xth birthday is coming up and my goal is to be in the best shape of my life!”

And, at some point, maybe it’s best to hang out with different people. Be selective in who you give your consciousness to. If you don’t have the community you want, lead by creating it.