As I Continue Growing in New Ways, How Do I Best Work with Those Changes in My Relationship?


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There are no perfect relationships.

All relationships are dynamic and endlessly-evolving. And they will all have idiosyncratic challenges.

But before we even begin to look at what’s wrong with our relationships, let’s focus—with humility and love—on the areas of our own lives that could use Optimizing.

Any time we point our finger elsewhere, remember that there are three fingers pointing back in our direction. Start there. We’ve got more than enough to focus on in our own lives before we start spending time and energy telling other people what to do.

Idiosyncratically do what it takes to embody the qualities we want to see in our relationships, and in our partners.

And, when we do look outwards, let’s focus on what’s awesome instead of everything that needs to be fixed. Shine a spotlight on the things you love about your partner.

How can you come together to support each other in actualizing? That’s love. Your actualization. Their actualization. The two of you together.

Encourage and support your partner to flourish in the way that’s important to them.