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  • How to master your habits and show up as your most Heroic self, especially when you don’t feel like it.
  • The secret to permanently changing your behavior, so simple even a 3-year-old can do it.
  • How to choose your self-actualization over entertainment, and stay connected to your best self no matter what is going on in your life.
  • The #1 thing you can do TODAY to close the gap between who you are CAPABLE of being and who you are ACTUALLY of being and make changes in your life that even others notice.
  • How to effortlessly install new habits that make you happier, more energized, productive, and connected to those you love. (and how to uninstall the ones that hold you back!)
  • Why Heroes aren’t born… they’re FORGED! And how you can use Heroic technology to feel positively addicted to the habits that help you feel and perform your best every day.
  • What it means to live a Heroic life in the modern world and the difference each of us can make when we do our Heroic best.
  • A scientifically proven and powerful way to start your day, and change your life in just 3-minutes a day (using just a sheet of paper or your smartphone!!)
  • And much, much more

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By the end of this FREE training, you will know exactly how to step up and start showing up more and more consistently as the best, most Heroic version of yourself.

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