Written Summary

Welcome, Heroic Performance Coach. 0:00

  • Michael welcomes attendees and introduces Jeff Everage.
  • Michael celebrates all the video applications and emphasizes this groups presence and soul force.

Coaching alignment and feedback. 3:25

  • Michael emphasizes the importance of commitment to personal growth and sharing progress on Heroic social.
  • He highlights the coaches' exceptional experience and ability to transform clients' lives with minimal guidance. (We’re winning already!)
  • Michael discusses Heroic Performance Coaching: a blend of ancient wisdom and modern science, and how it can help individuals align with their goals and values.
  • Clients will go through a bootcamp-style process, including one-on-one coaching sessions with recommended coaches, and will learn from a dynamic and evolving coach training program.
  • We invite your feedback to improve the coaching session and create the best product possible.
  • Jeff will walk the group through the first session and provide coaching to a volunteer, followed by Q&A and homework for the next session.

Heroic virtues and performance coaching. 13:22

  • Michael outlines the 7 objectives for heroic living: flourishing through virtues & action.
  • Michael emphasizes the importance of energy, work, and love in coaching.

Coaching techniques and goals. 17:22

  • Michael emphasizes the importance of coaching in helping individuals define and achieve their goals.
  • Michael outlines our approach, which will combine ancient wisdom, modern science, and directed questions to empower clients.

How we set ground rules for coaching clients. 21:11

  • Jeff shares how we will set ground rules for the first session.
  • We will incorporate this coach training group to take action and do the exercises as a way of knowing and learning.
  • Jeff sets the stage for a coaching session with a new client, emphasizing the importance of meeting them where they're at and establishing a strong foundation for future sessions.
  • Jeff outlines the goals of session one, including learning the client's goals, passions, and aspirations, and setting the stage for future activities and discussions.

Using the Heroic App in your Coaching. 25:39

  • Jeff Everage emphasizes the importance of using the Heroic app and setting targets with clients to achieve small wins and compound growth.
  • He encourages clients to commit to at least one behavior in the session and invites them to discover more about themselves through the Best Self meditation.
  • Jeff prepares for coaching sessions by getting energized and reviewing information about the client.
  • Join the call early, be ready to roll!

Example coaching session with client Tim. 30:14

  • Jeff and Michael discuss recording a session and aiming to use an AI tool to take notes. (Note: the client can veto this.)
  • Jeff leads a centering exercise for the group, asking them to close their eyes and consider themselves the client, participating in the session.

Coaching, personal growth, and self-improvement. 35:19

  • Jeff started his career in the military and later became a consultant, where he learned coaching techniques and fell in love with optimize coaching.
  • He is all in on coaching and the goal of having 51% of the world flourishing by 2051, as inspired by Seligman and Brian's approach.
  • Jeff creates a safe space for coaching sessions, ensuring complete confidentiality except in rare circumstances (e.g., court orders or sharing with other coaches for improvement).
  • Jeff encourages the client to be themselves and focus on becoming their "best self," with incremental wins over time leading to positive results.

Personal growth and self-improvement. 40:06

  • Jeff encourages his coaching clients to take notes during their sessions and review them daily to reinforce new habits and behaviors.
  • He is mindful of his language and will avoid using profane words if requested by his coaching clients.
  • Jeff and Michael discuss the Heroic Framework and its seven objectives, with a focus on self-discipline and mastery.

Heroic Origin Story Examples. 44:44

  • Jeff positions himself as a coach with a compelling origin story.
  • Jeff prompts our group to create heroic origin stories.
  • Karen shares her journey from corporate disillusionment to positive psychology coaching and the Heroic movement.
  • Coach Lanny shares his personal growth journey through physical trauma and how he integrated nutrition coaching into his practice.
  • Mark shares his personal story of overcoming depression and anger through meditation and esoteric practices, and how he now uses Heroic's tools to help clients improve their lives.
  • Jeff and Michael discuss coaching techniques for distilling personal stories.

Helping the client celebrate wins + example coaching session. 1:02:05

  • Jeff emphasizes the importance of celebrating wins and using them as a daily habit to keep good investments and wins happening.

Coaching and mental health. 1:22:48

  • Jeff Everage emphasizes the importance of meeting clients where they're at.
  • Jeff speaks about what our protocol will be if we think someone needs professional help.

Coaching and therapy with a focus on goals and roles. 1:26:41

  • Jeff emphasizes the importance of separating therapy from coaching and ensuring that coaching clients are not shifted to therapy without proper conversation and consent.
  • Michael agrees and adds that resources for referral will be provided. Reach out to Team Heroic to discuss if you think someone may need deeper help so we can help.
  • Jeff encourages our group to set goals and celebrate their wins, while also reflecting on what they want to achieve in the next seven weeks.

An overview of the first session and how we’ll be serving. 1:32:49

  • Michael and Jeff discuss the launch of a direct-to-consumer coaching program, with a focus on the importance of the seven objectives and virtues in guiding individuals towards their heroic self.
  • Jeff provides a brief overview of the first session, highlighting the objective and virtue of the session, and encourages the audience to rehearse and speak extemporaneously on the topic.

Example: Best self exercise + coaching. 01:38:55

  • Jeff guides a meditation to visualize a future self, radiant and confident.
  • Jeff coaches Yvonne.

Coaching clients with the Heroic App. 1:59:47

  • Michael and Jeff discuss the importance of identity and habits in personal growth, using the app check-in as an example.
  • They suggest picking one thing to work on based on the app check-in, and using tools like WOOP, targeted thinking, or install, delete to help identify areas for improvement.
  • Michael emphasizes the importance of connecting with clients and providing value in session one, leaving them feeling excited and fired up about what's ahead.

Capture insights. 2:05:46

  • Michael encourages attendees to reflect on Jeff's coaching style and capture insights for future sessions.

Coaching sessions, scheduling, and payment. 2:11:56

  • Michael Balchan outlines the coaching program's long-term vision, including offering different types of coaching sessions based on client needs and preferences.
  • The program will partner clients based on their available time slots, ensuring that each coach has excess bandwidth and capacity for rescheduling.
  • Michael outlines payment details for new coaching model.
  • We will use Calendly as a scheduling tool.

Coaching and communication between sessions. 2:19:18

  • Coaches can communicate with clients between sessions through email, text, or app messaging.
  • Michael plans to send clients a bio and headshot by end of week. (We’ll request this from you.)

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