Reflection: When are you most attentive to bids and quick to respond? When could you use a little work, and what often gets in the way during those times? Apply your successes to the areas that need work.

Heroic Founding Members: you can find the “Respond to Bids” Tool in your Heroic Toolbox under ‘Love.’ You can also add the Heroic Target “Respond to Bids from Someone” in ‘Love.’

Then, respond to bids from people in your life today!

Share that picture on social with the hashtag #bethechangechallenge, (plus, if you’re feeling super inspired, #heroic#heroesunite #heroicbig3 #letsgo and mention us @heroicpbc on FB and Insta and Heroic Public Benefit Corporation on LinkedIn).

Let’s see how many people we can inspire to operationalize LOVE in their relationships by responding to bids.


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