Today’s Reflection: Think back on the times of your life when you’ve experienced the most growth. How many of those experiences came from embracing or overcoming obstacles? See the direct connection between feeling uncomfortable and getting stronger. The next time that you feel uncomfortable, remind yourself of those previous experiences and how you moved through them.

Then, write out “Challenge” and “Energy Bar” on a piece of paper. Draw a rectangle around “Energy Bar” (essentially, drawing an Energy Bar!).

Cross out the word “Challenge” and draw an arrow pointing toward your Energy Bar as you tell, “Bring it on!”

Snap a picture of your page (or a screengrab of you swiping “Eat a Challenge Like an Energy Bar in the app) and share it on social with the hashtag #bethechangechallenge, (plus, if you’re feeling super inspired, #heroic #heroesunite #heroicbig3#letsgo and mention us @heroicpbc on FB and Insta and Heroic Public Benefit Corporation on LinkedIn).

BONUS: If you’re feeling extra courageous (or even better, a little fearful and want to act anyway) — take a video of yourself yelling, “Bring it on!!!” and post it on social media with those same hashtags.

Let’s see how many people we can inspire to alchemize their fear into fuel to Be the Change!


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