Today’s Reflection: Make a list of your Heroes. They could be people you know personally, important figures in history, or anyone that you look up to and admire. Next to their names, write down what qualities (virtues) they embody that you respect the most. Circle the virtues that you would like to commit to embodying in your own life.

Then, pick ONE Hero and write them a note of appreciation. If you’d like to earn points toward our prizes— including Coaching Sessions with Brian, Michael, or silver-medal Olympian Lauren Gibbs (!!!)— then make sure you share your appreciation note (and tag your Hero!) with the hashtag #bethechangechallenge, (plus, if you’re feeling super inspired, #heroic#heroesunite #heroicbig3 #letsgo and mention us @heroicpbc on FB and Insta and Heroic Public Benefit Corporation on LinkedIn).

Let’s see how many people we can inspire to ‘Be the Change’ THEY want to see, too!


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