In this video, you will learn that we all have areas of our lives we want to optimize, a near-infinite number of “roles and goals” or “categories of improvement.” Heroes simplify that wide range of possibilities into the Big 3: Energy, Work, and Love.

1. ENERGY: Living Heroically starts with cultivating radiant aliveness and zest. (How’s yours?)
2. WORK: Heroes give their greatest gifts in greatest service to something bigger than themselves. How do you (and will you?) contribute to the world?
3. LOVE: Making a difference in the world starts with those closest to us. Let’s be present, connected, and encouraging.

Today’s Reflection: Separate a piece of paper into three columns and label them Energy, Work, and Love. In each column, write down the most important things to you in that area of your life. Circle the absolute top priority in each, multiple times, and then draw a single circle around the next one or two most important items.

Then, identify the #1 ACTION you’ll take TODAY (or tomorrow) to move closer to expressing the best version of yourself in each of those areas. (And if you’ve got the app, make sure those actions are represented by relevant Targets in your Energy, Work, and Love protocol.)

When you’re done, take a picture (or a screenshot/video of your most important targets in the app) and share it on social with the tag #bethechangechallenge, (plus, if you’re feeling super inspired, #heroic #heroesunite #heroicbig3 #letsgo and mention us @heroicpbc on FB and Insta and Heroic Public Benefit Corporation on LinkedIn).

Let’s see how many people we can inspire to ‘Be the Change’ THEY want to see, too!


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