Here's how the challenge works:

Each day, we send you a short (5-8 minute) video from Brian that will help with the Theory portion of Be-ing The Change.

Then, you will be asked to put that Theory into Practice, with reflection exercises and simple and powerful Tools (from the Heroic app) to help you connect with the best, most Heroic version of yourself—TODAY!

AND… for a little extra fun, each day you’ll be invited to complete Targets (also from the Heroic app!) to extend that Practice into the world around you.

Plus, by completing challenges and sharing your progress, you’ll also earn points toward winning awesome prizes, from Heroic gear all the way up to the grand prize of a 1:1 coaching session with Heroic CEO and Founder, Brian Johnson!!

If you don’t have the Heroic app yet—no worries, we will provide the videos, tools, and resources for you to follow along with us this week from any device. (Again, for FREE).

And if you’d like to sign up, but haven’t yet, you can still save 50% as a Heroic Founding Member here now. (But only until the end of this month!)

If you DO already have the Heroic app, you can follow along each day using the practical tools from within the app.

Let's go!!!

The Heroic Be The Change Challenge:

Day 1: Simplify Your Life and Optimize The Heroic Big 3

>> You can go here to watch the video for Day 1

Day 2: Forge Your New Heroic Identity (and get inspired by Hanging Out with Heroes)

>> You can go here to watch the video for Day 2

Day 3: “Bring it on” + Eat a Challenge Like an Energy Bar

>> You can go here to watch the video for Day 3

Day 4: Operationalize Love and Respond to Bids!

>> You can go here to watch the video for Day 4

Day 5: COMING APRIL 15th


If you want to earn points for participating (and get more ways to share) to win Heroic prizes, you can go here to sign up and earn points for participating now.