We welcome all Heroes regardless of age, sexual orientation, race, religion, or nationality.

We aim to create a safe, supportive, and encouraging environment for everyone in our Community.

To help make sure we all have a clear understanding of what contributes to (and detracts from) making that happen, we’ve outlined the following guidelines you will find below.

Please Do...

  • Bring your Heroic best self to the call.
  • Communicate with Virtue.
  • Be supportive, encouraging, and celebratory with messages like, “Nice work!”, “🙌 👏” and, “That’s like you!” etc.
  • Let others know when you appreciate them or resonate with what is being shared.

Please Do Not...

  • Share any remarks or suggestions that do not match the encouraged behaviors outlined above.
  • Offer unsolicited advice or coaching to a person receiving Coaching from Brian, Michael, Alexandra, or a Luminary Guest Faculty Member. (Sharing links or resources that you’ve personally found helpful is welcome. Telling someone “you need to…” or “you should…” is discouraged.)
  • Share remarks or suggestions that could be deemed inappropriate. This may include, but is not limited to, comments targeting someone’s age, race, gender, or sexual orientation.
  • Send discouraging messages or anything that would otherwise lead someone to not feel safe, supported, or encouraged.
  • Engage in or encourage any form of hate speech, bullying, racism, sexism, or jingoism.
  • Use this platform to pontificate, opinionate, debate, rant, rave, or push ideologies, internet controversies, or politics. There are other platforms for those purposes, but not here.
  • Use the community to promote your own products or services, spam others, or poach members, whether in public forums or privately. If you see any of this happening, please let us know.

If we feel you have violated these guidelines we will reach out to you to discuss further. Depending on the severity, we may remove you from a live coaching call, the Mastery and/or Heroic Coach Programs, or other products without a refund.

If you have any questions as to what may or may not be appropriate to share in a Live Coaching Call, or see behavior that you feel does not align with our Community guidelines, please first reach out to the team at support@heroic.us

We look forward to creating a safe, supportive, and encouraging environment with you all.

Thank you!


Send an email to support@heroic.us. You'll typically hear back from us within one business day.


Give us a call (or text if in the USA) at 1-877-243-2051. If we're busy assisting other heroes, just leave a voicemail with your account details for a callback or email.

Office Hours

Join us for live support every Wednesday at noon CST. Add it to your calendar here.