So my workshop was a paid workshop. And what I basically did was (I work as an executive coach) I have a client...This was one of my bigger clients, and I told him, I have a workshop I want to pilot. I can do it for 10 of his people. I charged him a half day for me, that's $1,500.

I was sharing with the group the biggest impact to me...I was woefully unprepared to do all of it together. I'd practiced individual sections, I delivered individual sections, I'd never delivered the workshop. And the biggest thing that hit me was, there's a golden thread that runs through that, that I don't know if you designed it intentionally. And if you did, you guys are just tapped into the universe. But from the beginning of flip the switch to get yourself in the right space, and then I had them do their WIG's. And then the hero bars...I follow the exact outline, but I kept I tied everything back.

And that's the one guy at the end what he said, two of them came up to me and they're like, "Okay, this is so amazing. Like, I absolutely get what you mean by antifragile confidence. I thought it sounded cool. But I had no idea."

And in the follow up when I talked to him, like everybody had a concrete knowledge of behaviorally, what antifragile confidence was, not a theoretical understanding of what it would be like to one day be more confident. And that was the most compelling outcome of the workshop.

It is brilliant design. It's not good. It is brilliant design. And I followed the playbook, exactly. And I did not intend to do that thread that way. I'd never delivered it fully. And so I didn't see it. And when you deliver it the way it's designed there is it is brilliantly designed to build to a crescendo of absolute confidence and certainty that you can close the gap and live with Areté and eudaimonia. It's, I mean, it's brilliant. And I encourage people don't screw around with your personal preferences at first, like fail their way first, because it's really freakin' good