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Here's how!

Step 1: Add Areté to your Goodreads "Want to read" list

1. Head to the Areté listing on Goodreads

2. Tap the green “Want to read” button

3. Log in or create your Goodreads account with Amazon/Apple/email.

Step 2: Add Areté to your shelves/add some tags on it

1. Click "Want to read" again

2. Click "Continue to tags"

3. Add a 3-5-10+ tags (e.g. personal-growth, leadership, business, self-help, inspirational, productivity, 5-star, motivational, favorites, non-fiction, stoicism, positive-psychology, etc.)

4. Click "Done."

Step 3: Claim your free year of Heroic Premium

After completing the above, let us know you’ve done so here and we’ll hook you up! 🙌

Note1: Free Annual Heroic membership for new members only! (Already have a membership? Awesome. Complete the steps above and we’ll send you a link to hook up a friend with Heroic!)

Note2: Got friends who might like Areté and the free year of Heroic? Forward them this page and encourage them to have some fun with us! 🤗!!

Boom. Done! ✅


- Team Heroic

P.S. Need a little extra support on Step 2? Check out this walkthrough video recorded by Michael!