Quick update on our Areté launch mission to catalyze our movement and then a fun story about me hanging out with the United States Men’s National Soccer Team last night teaching them all about Areté before their big game tonight…


I just got this incredible blurb on Areté from Gregg Berhalter, the Head Coach of the US Men’s National Soccer Team:

“Distilling knowledge from both ancient philosophers and modern teachings, Brian Johnson provides a guide on how to maximize your potential. Highlighted by one of our favorites 'win or learn,' it uses every experience as an opportunity to get better. I highly recommend Areté to anyone focused on being their best when it matters most.”

(Wow. Thank you, Gregg!! 🙌!!)


I also just got the New York Times bestseller list data for last week.

Goosebumps exciting news…

Had we launched last week, with 20,000+++ book sales already, we would have EASILY (!!!) had enough sales to make Areté the far-and-away #1 bestseller. 😳 🤯

Of course, the numbers change week to week and we’re ALL IN on continuing to hammer through the finish line for the first week of sales which go through Saturday night.

New target: 25,000+++!

Tomorrow we are going to launch a special Amazon-focused campaign and would LOVE any and all support you can give encouraging your friends and family to purchase a copy of Areté as we strive to hit #1 overall on Amazon.

Keep your eyes peeled 👀 for that email from Michael later today and tomorrow AM!

Now for the fun story about my time hanging out with the United States Men’s National Soccer Team (USMNT) last night.

I gave a talk on Areté, activation energy, antifragile confidence, and all things Heroic.

It was awesome.

Best part: Hoodie swap with Gregg Berhalter, their Head Coach, after the talk. 🤓

And… They all got a copy of Areté. 🤓

Here’s the fun backstory…

Our launch event last weekend was literally right next door to a USMNT meeting.

I texted my friend (and longtime student) John Herdman who was the head coach of the Canadian Men’s Soccer Team asking him if he knew anyone on the USMNT.

As we’ve discussed, we helped John and his staff while he was running the Canadian National team and he gave 75 copies of Areté to his staff on his FIRST day at his new job with Toronto FC. We’re rolling out Heroic across their organization.


Minutes after I texted John on Friday night, he connected me with his friend Gregg Berhalter who is the head coach of USMNT.

Gregg and I met for an hour and a half over the next couple days and immediately hit it off. He invited me to talk to the team last night about Areté and antifragile confidence and having strength for 339,996,563.

The proud American, little boy, and coach in me had a blast.

It’s time to embody Areté and activate our Heroic potential and win the World Cup in 2026 on our home fields!! 🫡 🇺🇸

Funny story Part 2.

I’m typing this a couple hours before I do an interview with Jim Rome for his podcast. (Sean Casey connected us. Thanks, brother!!)

And… Jim and I traded texts last night after my talk for 90 minutes. Hahaha.

I literally pulled over on the shoulder of a random highway in Texas as we went back and forth forever. Such a cool human being. Excited to share that chat.

That’s all I’ve got.

Actually one more thing…

In my coaching session with Phil on Tuesday (Areté Launch Day!), Phil and his wonderful assistant Sarai surprised me by wearing their Areté-shirts to celebrate our launch day!!

😳 🤯!!

Phil asked me how I was feeling.

I told him that I feel blessed.

He told me: “You are blessed. That’s exactly how you should feel.” 🙏



I feel so blessed to be on this Heroic quest with you.

I love you. I appreciate you.

It’s Day 1.

We’re all in.

It’s time to catalyze our movement and change the world together.



P.S. Thank you all for your extraordinary Amazon reviews!! 😳 🤯

See them all here.

And… Leave one if you feel so inspired! They really help the Amazon algorithms that will help drive visibility for the book during this critical launch phase!!

A few of my favorites:


P.P.S. John Herdman wrote this blurb for the book:

"Brian has alchemized the wisdom and teachings from the greatest thinkers on the planet."