(1) Go to the Areté listing on Goodreads and click the green “Want to read” button. Note: please do this even if you’ve already added it!

(2) If prompted, log in or create your account. If creating an account, doing so via Amazon or Apple is fastest. Note: You may need to navigate back to the Areté page after signing in and then hit the “Want to Read” button again.

(3) Tap “Continue to tags”

(4) Add 5-10-20 category tags to Areté. Here are some suggestions:

  • business
  • nonfiction
  • personal-development
  • philosophy
  • leadership
  • stoicism
  • motivation
  • positive-psychology
  • 5-star

(+1) Click on “My books” and confirm that all of the category tags you added show up next to Areté under shelves.

Thank you!

NOTE: Please only complete the steps below if (a) you've already received an Advance Reader Copy of Areté and (b) you believe that the book is worthy of a positive rating and review. 🙏

How to:

(1) Download an Advance Reader Copy via the links that we shared with you via email.

(2) Check out the book!

(3) Go to Areté on Goodreads and click on the stars beneath the “Want to read” and “Kindle/Amazon/etc.” purchase buttons. (Hopefully you believe we’ve earned ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐!)

(4) Click on “Write a review just beneath the stars. Then write about why you love the book and why you think others will too! Be sure to mention that you got an Advance Reader Copy.

(5) Hit “Post” and celebrate! 🥳 🙌