Heroic 51 Challenge Kickoff | March 16th, 2023

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Download the MP3 or watch the full video below.

Session Chat


  • Welcome + Heroic Meditation 00:00:00
  • Q&A: What Should I Do If I'm Excited About Too Many Targets? 00:07:54
  • Q&A: How Can I Make Sure I'm Not Consuming Any Sugar? 00:20:32
  • Nutrition Target: Some Extra Details 00:30:15
  • Q&A: Do You Have a Recommended Amount of Fasting Hours? 00:33:09
  • Q&A: Should I Not Be Reading in Bed? 00:36:25
  • Being Open To Something New Happening 00:47:28

Heroic 51 | Challenge Overview

PHASE 1: We‘ll be focusing on hitting 6 Targets for 21 days!

The goal is to hit all 6 targets every day. And…life happens, and you may miss a target for whatever reason. All good. Take some time and reflect on what you could’ve done differently and what you will do in the future. Chalk it up as a beautiful LEARN moment. If you miss 3 targets you will need to start back over at DAY 1.

PHASE 2: We will be adding in Work, Alchemize, Connect, and Celebrate for 30 days. Hitting a total of 10 targets a day!

This is the basic minimum template 👇

  • COMMIT: When you wake up in the morning commit to your Identities, Virtues, & Targets. (Here's Brian from Greatest Year Ever with more on that.​)
  • EAT: Follow your chosen nutritional protocol and stick with it for the whole 51 days (my recommendation is no sugar/alcohol!).
  • MOVE: Minimum of 15 minutes, every day.
  • MEDITATE: Minimum of 11 minutes, every day.
  • APPRECIATE: Create the space to appreciate and be grateful for 5 things - ideally in the morning.
  • SLEEP: Be in bed for minimum of 7 hours (ideally more, my minimum is 9 hours😉!) and bonus points for digital sunset one hour before bed.

And, we’ve got some some PDF’s to help you track your HEROIC 51 progress!

👉Download the digital (printable!) worksheet

I also recommend you create some sort of structure for when you plan to hit these 6 targets. I’ve found that doing some of these targets as oscillations breaks are really restorative and make my days awesome!

I’ll share my personal protocol on Monday and talk more about creating our unique masterpiece days!

And, just to reiterate it again… our intention is to stretch yourself and make it challenging but not to over-stretch and stress yourself out. 🤓

Our goal is to feel vibrantly healthy, productive, purposeful, loving and connected. These targets and this challenge is meant to help us all rise up and become more HEROIC, so create a game that inspires you to show up as your best self! 🔥

Journal prompts:

  • What is your vision for this challenge? What do you want to do and become in the next 51 days!?
  • Where are you now in your life? What is going well? What needs work? How is your mood, energy, sleep, digestion, relationships, work, etc.?
  • What target do you think is going to challenge you the most? What will you do to prepare yourself to win?
  • What do you think will tempt and distract you from finishing this challenge? Habits, thoughts, behaviors, excuses, life circumstances, etc.
  • WOOP the whole challenge. Wish, Outcome, Obstacles, Plan.


  • I highly recommend you take a picture on Day 1. You can do face and/or body. It will be fun to see your face at the beginning and the end of 51 days! If you do the work I’m certain that your Soul Force will be brighter and it will show up in your face and eyes! This is worth capturing to remember and see your brilliance shining forth!
  • Get a journal that you will use specially for your 51 days to record your gratitude, celebrations, reflections and food journaling. I intend to use the PDF’s, a physical journal and also the Day One journal app. Yes, I’m a journal Queen! 😂

And, remember, we are all in this together!

You’re not just being supported by me and the full Heroic Team… you also have the support of the entire HEROIC 51 community (nearly 1,000 people are with you on this Challenge!!! 🤯).

So, when you wake up in the morning, remember that we’re all rooting for you! We want you to flourish! We want you to inspire us with your resilience and grit! We want you to WIN!! 🙌

And… lastly, LET’S HAVE FUN!! Let’s bring a sense of play, joy and levity to this Heroic Game!!

Let’s Go TEAM HEROIC!!! 🤩

See you on Monday at 10:30am Central for DAY 1​!