Welcome to your new Optimize, Coach.

As you might have noticed, things look and feel a little different. 🤓

This WILL feel a little uncomfortable and strange at first! Remember: It’s Always Hard Before It’s Easy.

Please excuse the dust while we continue to work out the kinks + release additional improvements. +1 +1 +1 style. (Speaking of dust, Phil Stutz’s “Dust” tool is awesome. Kryptonite Dust is not.)

And THANK YOU in advance for being patient + kind + supportive while that happens! 🤗 🙏

Update: You HAVE been astonishingly encouraging and patient and kind and supportive. We've had close to 1,000 conversations and the VAST majority (approximately 99.7%) have been approached in an AWESOME way. You've said things like: "Thank you and like the new platform and the organization of modules with related material, so much easier to navigate." And "Thanks so much for all you are doing to make people's lives better." And "I have really admired Brian’s passion and all the hard work that your team provides to make Optimize 'Best in Class.' Thanks."


The most significant updates happened under the hood. The entire platform (web, mobile web, and our apps) are now powered by a completely new infrastructure (55,363 new lines of code!) built to deliver every piece of content (over 17,555 unique assets!) faster and more reliably.

Along with (and because of) the new architecture, you’ll be getting several new features, as well as an update to how Coach is delivered and where to find content!

The most important and relevant is this → there’s now an “Up next” section designed to get you RIGHT into the next relevant piece of content.

It’s specific to YOU and your progress, and will present you with different content options (for example, the next uncompleted Mastery Series Video, required +1, and required PhilosophersNote) that you can dive into depending on how much time you’d like to spend Optimizing.

Follow the “Up next” section little by little, day in and day out, and you’ll complete the program.

More on all of that below.


If/when you experience an inevitable hiccup, un-squashed bug rearing its head, or confusion (Celebrate it!) we appreciate both your patience and support in getting the new Optimize running at full speed.

Just reach out to our top-rated Community Astonishment team and let us know how we can help.

Let's get to it!


Starting with a big picture view:

  • Dashboard: Home of the featured Daily Wisdom (← which is the same for ALL Optimizers, both members and Coaches), along with what’s “Up next for you.” Notably, that “Up next for you” section will AUTOMATICALLY pull in the next pieces of content for YOU from Optimize Coach.
  • Coach Dashboard: Your new hub for navigating EVERYTHING in the Coach program (including Core Wisdom!) You’ll see your progress in the Mastery Series Modules, a personalized “Up next” section, along with Live Coaching, Luminary Coaching, and Coaching Tools.
  • Coach Modules: At the top of the Dashboard, you’ll see a progress bar showing completion of each Module in the Coach program. IMPORTANT: Required Core Wisdom (PhilosophersNotes, +1s, 101s) now live WITHIN the Coach Modules. More on this below.
  • Up Next: This is personalized guidance for you and your next step in the Coach journey. It will automatically suggest the next Mastery Series Module, Practice, PhilosophersNote, +1, etc. for you to complete.
  • Upcoming Live Coaching: Can now be found on the Coach Dashboard under the “Live Coaching Sessions” (with Brian, Michael, and Alexandra) and “Luminary Sessions,” with an “Upcoming” tag as well as a blue banner noting the date and time of the session. (We’ll be adding a calendar to this page soon!)

And, here are a few of the notable changes from prior program navigation:

  • Coach WIN page → has been replaced by the Coach Dashboard.
  • Coach Core Wisdom → now lives within the individual Coach Modules, AND will be automatically suggested to you in the “Up next” sections on both the Dashboard and the Coach Dashboard.
  • Old links → to Mastery Series Modules will no longer work.

Let’s go another level deeper.

Dashboard & Coach Dashboard

These are your quick jumping off points into the next piece of wisdom: one for Optimize as a whole (labeled “Dashboard” in the menu) and one specific to the Coach program (labeled “Coach” in the menu).

The “Up next for you” section is the same in both places, and will always direct you to the next uncompleted action in the Coach program, whether that’s a Mastery Series Module, PhilosophersNote, +1, Practice, etc.

It’s designed to always present three options: a Mastery Series Video, a required +1, and a required PhilosophersNote.

(Note: the “Up next” section will share the EARLIEST piece of uncompleted content of each type. So if you’ve got a PhilosophersNote from Module O that hasn’t yet been read, even if you’ve watched the Mastery Series video for Module VI.3, it will point you to that uncompleted PhilosophersNote from Module O.)

The Coach Dashboard itself is your single hub for navigating the entire Optimize Coach program including Mastery Series Modules, Core Wisdom, Live Coaching, and more.
At the top, you’ll find a progress bar that will automatically update (with gold circles that grow) as you complete items. More on this below.

Scroll down to find featured Live Coaching Sessions (which includes sessions with Brian, Michael, and Alexandra) + Luminary Coaching Sessions + Coaching Tools. Upcoming sessions are marked with an “Upcoming” tab and a blue banner noting the date and time of the session. (Coming soon: an upcoming calendar.)

Hit “View All” next to any content type to further explore each one.

Finally, at the very bottom of the page, you’ll find announcements.

Below: The Coach Dashboard, Coach Modules listing, and an individual Module.

Coach Modules: Click into a Coach Module from the top of the Coach Dashboard, or the Coach Modules listing (which also includes Advanced Coach Modules!), and you’ll see a full list of what’s included in that Module, as well the next piece of content within that Module to complete. Check items off one-by-one as you complete them (and/or save them to favorites) and watch your progress grow.

Click into any individual piece of content from the Module page, and you should also find links to navigate back to the Module you came from (at the top of the page), along with quick access to what’s “Up next” in that Module (at the bottom of the page). Like this:

Back to the Modules themselves.

You might notice that some Modules you’d previously marked as “completed” no longer show up that way. This is because the prior platform only allowed for hitting “complete” on the main video, whereas the new one now takes into account all of the additional components (Practices + Core Wisdom + etc.) to show as fully complete.

In order to fully complete a Module, you’ll need to do the following: - Complete the required Mastery Series Video.- Complete the required Coach Practices.- Complete the required PhilosophersNotes associated with the given module. - Complete the required +1s associated with the given module. - Complete the required 101 Class (if listed).
Once everything has been completed, just refresh the page (whether the Module listing or Coach Dashboard) to see the completed gold circle and checkmark. (Nice work!)

Note: Some Modules also include “Bonus Wisdom” at the very bottom of the page. These are often additional Practices (Reflections and Actions) that are related to that Module but NOT required to complete for Certification. Enjoy as you see fit.

ADVANCED COACHES: You now ALSO have Coach Modules to complete. Advanced Coach Modules feature additional Practice requirements, core wisdom (PhilosophersNotes, +1s, 101s), Luminary and Live Coaching highlights.

Core Wisdom: Highlighting here one more time: rather than living on its own, Core Wisdom (PhilosophersNotes, +1s, 101s) have now been fully integrated into the Coach Modules themselves. You can find your next piece of Wisdom via the main Dashboard, Coach Dashboard, or in the Module pages.

Whew! That was a ton!

Before we go, here’s a look at the rough timeline of where we are and where we’re headed with the new Optimize.

Platform Update Timeline

Phase I: September 8th

  • New infrastructure with stability and performance upgrades
  • Improvements to Search
  • Dashboard, Missions, and Stats (web and mobile web)
  • Coach Dashboard and “What’s next”
  • Coach Modules (including Mastery Series) now contain Core Wisdom as well
  • Continuity in membership data, including: Favorites, Completed, Lists

Phase II: Ongoing

  • Dashboard, Missions, and Stats (Mobile apps)
  • Live Coaching Calendar added to Coach Dashboard
  • Streaks
  • Additional awards and badges
  • Additional Missions
  • Continued performance enhancements

Phase III: Future

  • Custom saved lists
  • Tiered favorites (1-3 hearts)
  • Inbox and platform synchronization
  • Additional member suggested and requested features

And... Before we wrap things up, here's a quick update on a few of the bugs that have been found and fixed, as well as known issues we're still working on.

Status Updates:


  • Announcement banner: After closing the announcement banner, it will stay closed until a new announcement is shared.
  • Progress Meters. These now display for properly for Level 2 and Level 3 Coach Modules.
  • Coach Training Series Video errors: Coaches who couldn't watch videos in the Coach Training Series Modules can now view them.
  • Mobile Signup errors: New members have had issues joining Optimize via iOS are now able to join.
  • MyList data: Optimizers who reported inaccuracies in MyList data (Favorites, Completed, and Saved for Later) had all previous data re-synchronized.
  • Android account bug: Fixed a bug that incorrectly displayed cached data for a subset of Android app Members.
  • Dashboard: Increased loading speeds by a significant margin.
  • Missions Dashboard: Increased loading speeds.
  • Coach Dashboard: Improved queries to increase speed by over 10x. (!!!)
  • Loading Notices: We added notes to Dashboard pages to make it more clear when they're loading.
  • Server Errors: Optimized our database to increase speed and significantly reduce server errors—during login or otherwise.
  • Coach Training Series Videos: Now fully-functional.
  • Advanced Coach access: Fixed an issue preventing Lifetime Coaches and Continuing Coaches pursuing Advanced levels from accessing their Modules.
  • Core Membership Access: We’ve re-granted access to premium content for a subset of Members who lost access. If you’re still seeing locked content that you think you should have access to, please let us know here. (Note: this does not pertain to those who are getting a “Server Error” during login. We’re aware of this problem, are working on a fix, and appreciate your continued patience.)
  • Corporate Members: If you lost access, it has been fixed.
  • Missions Icons: Now display properly on both the Missions Page and within individual Missions.
  • Class V & Class VI Coaches: If you were previously unable to access the Coach Dashboard, you should be able to now.
  • Mastery Series Module O: Works. (It temporarily returned a Server Error.)
  • Class III Coaches: Your access to the Coach program has been extended through September 30th.
  • Homepage → Dashboard: If you’re logged in, clicking “Optimize” or navigating to optimize.me redirects you to your relevant Dashboard.
  • Android Signups: No longer get a 404 error.
  • Incorrect caching: Fixed a situation where during a 12 hour period, a small number of optimizers saw incorrectly cached information.
  • Other: Membership purchase page has an updated logo, guides images on the Coach page now scale properly.

Coming soon:

Additional obstacles we’re working to conquer. We’ll provide additional information (including timelines, etc.) as we know more. Including:

1 - MyList on Mobile: Some Optimizers have reported inconsistent MyList data between Web and mobile.

  • Current status: Working on a fix.
  • In the meantime: Your phone’s mobile browser will display the same data as web.

Thanks again for your continued patience and encouragement as we get the new Optimize running at full speed. 🏎️

If you have a feature you'd love to see, let us know!

And, if you found a bug, (that's not listed above) please let us know here!

It’s Day 1!

But only always.

Thanks again for being part of this community and committing to express the best version of yourself more and more consistently.

With LOVE (+ Wisdom + Self-Mastery + Courage + Hope + Gratitude + Curiosity + Zest)

-Team Optimize Coach

Last updated on 09/27/21 at 12:52pm ET