Heroic FAQ

Below, you’ll find answers to these questions:

- What exactly is Heroic?
- Is Heroic different from Optimize?
- What’s the relationship between Heroic and Coach?
- Will Heroic help me track my habits/behaviors?
- How much time does Heroic take each day?
- What are your top recommended habits?
- How do I edit or reorganize my identity, virtues, and targets in the Heroic app?
- What platforms is Heroic available on?
- Where can I find the Virtue Compass? And the Toolbox? And more quotes?
- Will Heroic help me define a personal purpose and vision?
- How can I get help logging into the app?
- Is there a free trial? Or a money-back guarantee?
- What other questions do you have?

And now for the answers:

What Exactly Is Heroic?

Heroic is both the name of our company (technically, Heroic Public Benefit Corporation) as well as the name of our new app, which we built with one of the world’s best digital-design agencies.

The new Heroic app combines ancient wisdom, modern science, practical tools, and the best of behavioral design technology into a single powerful social training platform that’s “ready at hand.”

It’s built to help you show up as the best, most Heroic version of yourself by making you positively addicted to ACTUALLY DOING all of the things that you KNOW are best for you → moving from Theory to Practice to Mastery and expressing the best, most Heroic version of yourself.

In the 1-minute daily AM Commitment practice, you’ll set an intention for who you are at your best, how that version of you shows up, and what you’ll actually DO TODAY to live in alignment with that best version of yourself.

Then, after you do those things, you can come back to the app and get a splash of dopamine by swiping-to-hit those targets.

It’s kind of like habit tracking, on steroids, for heroes — leveraging the absolute best in science and design to turn your phone into a power-tool for your growth.


The new app also has Basic Training (a distillation of Brian’s best work into 7 objectives), the Virtue Compass (for putting virtue into action), Tools (step-by-step instructions to follow in the moment you need them), recommended Heroic Targets (proven habits to help you flourish), and more.

Is Heroic Different from Optimize?


Optimize is a product delivering “more wisdom in less time” with 600+ PhilosophersNotes, 1,000+ Optimize +1s, and 50+ Optimal Living 101 Classes — all of which distill the Big Ideas from the world’s best books in bite-size chunks to help you Optimize your life.

That product used to be $100/year (or $250 for Lifetime access) until Heroic bought Optimize and is now giving it away for FREE.

Currently, you can access all of the PhilosophersNotes, Optimize +1s, and 101 Classes through the Optimize by Heroic mobile apps (iOS and Android) as well as via the web at www.heroic.us/optimize.

In the next few months, all of that wisdom will also be available in the new Heroic app, which is the social training platform we built with one of the world’s best digital design agencies. (They helped design Slack, Tinder, Uber Eats, etc.)

The MVP of our new Heroic social training platform contains:

  • Basic Training: a new, 7-objective training program guided by Brian Johnson: creator of Optimize and Founder + CEΦ of Heroic, and based on a 300-day protocol that is proven to change lives.
  • A Daily Commitment Practice: to help you become the best version of yourself in as little as 3-minutes a day.
  • Target Practice: to help you become positively addicted to DOING all of the things that you KNOW are best for you.
  • The Virtue Compass: your new tool to operationalize the shared virtues of ancient wisdom and modern science to help you show up at your Heroic best.
  • Heroic Tools: A growing library of practical, step-by-step exercises and activities to help you put virtue into action.
  • Annual Recurring Virtue (ARV): Our movement’s most important metric and your new measure of the difference you’re making in the world.
  • Soul Force: Your new Heroic superpower, gamified. How well are you living in alignment with the best version of yourself? Can you get your Soul Force to 101?
Plus, coming soon:
  • Heroic Social: Capture personal notes for your Hero’s journal, or share them with your buddies and followers. See, support, and get inspired by the Heroic community.
  • And much more: New features are being added to the Heroic app every month…

We’ve also got our 300-day Coach program. Which brings us to:

What’s the Relationship between Heroic and Coach?

The Heroic app and Coach program are related: they both cover ancient wisdom, modern science, and practical tools. They’re also different, in that Coach goes into greater depth across all categories, as well as provides a higher-level of guidance and accountability.


Another way to understand the difference is to step back for just a moment and chat about the “one thing” that we’re striving to do at the HIGHEST possible level (and better than anyone else out there) → Help you move from Theory to Practice to Mastery.

Theory On the theory side of things, we have our FREE offering of “more wisdom in less time” via the 600+ PhilosophersNotes, 1,000+ Optimize +1s, and 50+ 101 Classes, as well as the theory that’s included in our $70/year Premium Heroic offering, which includes Basic Training.

Practice To put that theory into practice, we created a set of world-class features—including our 3-minute daily Commit + Hit world-class habit tracking and behavior modification practice, the Virtue Compass, the step-by-step Tools in the Toolbox, and Heroic Recommended Targets (aka habits)—all of which are on the new Heroic social training platform and part of that same $70/year Premium Heroic offering that includes Basic Training. (Head here to try Heroic FREE for 7-days.)

Mastery Mastery is where Coach comes in. Coach is our 300-day program that goes DEEP into the seven facets for living Heroically. These are the same themes that Brian covers in the 7 Objectives of Basic Training in our Premium Heroic offering, but instead of spending around an hour on each one, we spend months.

We also do Live Coaching calls together as a Coach community multiple times every month, with members of Team Heroic as well as world-class Luminary Guest Faculty members.

To earn a certification from our Coach program, you’ll need to systematically install various fundamental behaviors: following your nutritional protocol, physically moving your body, turning off your electronics an hour before going to sleep, training your breathing, meditating, doing a daily gratitude practice, and journaling.

We’ll guide you on when to start each one, and give suggestions for how much of each to do and when, so that by the end of the 300-days all of those behaviors will just be part of who you are and how you show up.


The best place to actually TRACK those behaviors is via the new Heroic app, which was intentionally designed to be a perfect complement to the Coach program.

Standard tuition for our Coach program is $1,000, which we’ve been told (by those who joined at that full rate) is an already astonishingly awesome price for the quantity and caliber of what you get. And, after Heroic acquired Optimize, we’ve been offering some even more astonishing pricing options. You can learn more about the best available pricing available, and when the next Coach class kicks off, by heading to www.heroic.us/coach.

Will Heroic Help Me Track My Habits/Behaviors?

Yes! And more!

Not only will Heroic help you track your behaviors, but (more importantly!,) it will also support you in installing the habits you want in your life and deleting the ones that are no longer serving you, all by using the best of behavioral design technology to make you positively addicted to actually DOING all of the things that you KNOW are best for you.

The 3-minute daily Commit + Hit world-class habit tracking and behavior modification practice is included in the Heroic Premium membership, which you get as a Heroic Member here.

How Much Time Does Heroic Take Each Day?

As little or as much time as you want!

On the Practice side of things: Heroic is designed to only take 3-minutes a day.

The AM Commitment process takes anywhere between 30 seconds to a couple of minutes, depending on how many different virtues and targets you’re committing to each day. Then, another minute or two spread throughout the day to come back into the app and hit those targets after you’ve done them.

(Which, given the platforms power to actually change your life and help you be more energized, productive, and connected is a CRAZY high return on time invested.)

On the Theory side of things: The content in Basic Training is go at your own pace.

Plus, the Virtue Compass and Tools are available to explore (and apply) if and when and how you want.

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What Are Your Top Recommended Habits?

In the Heroic app, you’ll find a curated list of recommended Heroic targets for each of Energy, Work, and Love. Just hit the “add target” button to see the list, and then tap each target to see more details about what the target is, why it’s recommended, and how to install it.

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How Do I Edit or Reorganize My Identity, Virtues, and Targets in the Heroic App?

From any of the detailed screens within the Practice part of the app, you can hit the “EDIT” button in the top right to bring up a contextual menu for editing your Identity, Virtues, and Targets.

Within the edit menu, you can drag and drop to rearrange virtues or targets, commit (or uncommit) to additional (orfewer) virtues or targets, adjust the names for each, etc.
Yes, you can also do this AFTER you’ve committed in the morning.

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What Platforms Is Heroic Available On?

Heroic is currently available on iOS and Android devices! You can use the app on:

  • iPhones
  • iPads
  • iPods (8th generation only)
  • M1 Macs
  • Most Android Devices

Where Can I Find the Virtue Compass? And the Toolbox? And More Quotes?!

The Virtue Compass, Toolbox, and additional quotes can all be found in the top navigation that’s present on both the Today screen and the Theory screen of the new Heroic social training platform.

(Note, these features are not included in our free wisdom offering accessible on the web or Optimize by Heroic app.)

Tap the “Compass” text (with our golden-ratio compass point) on the top left to reveal the Virtue Compass and then navigate to the Virtue you’d like to cultivate. Hold the center of the compass to commit to that virtue, and/or slide up the bottom tray to reveal Quotes and Tools that are related to that virtue.

In addition to accessing Tools via the Virtue Compass, you can also access the Toolbox by tapping the tool-chest type icon in the top right of the top nav, and exploring the Tools by Virtue.

Want to explore the Virtue Compass, Toolbox, and collection of virtue-related Quotes?

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How Can I Get Help Logging into the App?

Email us at support@heroic.us and we’ll get you taken care of!

Is There a Money-Back Guarantee?


All of our membership offerings come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

So… when you sign up here, and you download the app and start moving from Theory to Practice to Mastery, if for any reason Heroic isn’t a fit for you, just send us an email within 30 days and we’ll take care of you.

Note1: If you’re on Android, the clock on your 30-day money-back guarantee won’t start until Heroic is available on your device.

Note2: If you sign up directly through the App Store or Google Play, your subscription (including the timeline and process for receiving a refund) will be managed directly through Apple or Google

What Other Questions Do You Have?

You can also always email support@heroic.us and our top-rated team of Heroic Community Astonishers will take care of you.