Describing your credentials

You can create a business card/ flyer/ website with your name and company logo as the focus. You may include the words “Certified Heroic Performance Coach”, and the “Heroic Performance Coach Badge”, but not the Heroic logo in full or in part (including the wordmark or the black or red Heroic mark or any combination of the two).
You can share an email promoting a few of your favorite +1’s on a specific topic that has your branding prominent (and links to those +1s). You may include the “Heroic Performance Coach Badge” in this type of branding alongside your own branding, but not the Heroic logo in full or in part (including the wordmark or the black or red Heroic mark or any combination of the two).
You may share Heroic Coach worksheets in a coaching context, but you may not add your own branding to them, remove Heroic branding from them, or present them as your own.

Using the Heroic Logo and Mark

Any use of the main Heroic logo in full or in part (including the wordmark or the black or red Heroic mark or any combination of the two) – we specifically created the “Heroic Performance Coach Badge” for your co-branding use.
If you are in the Heroic Coach program but have not received your certification, you may not represent yourself as a Certified Heroic Performance Coach, or use the Heroic Performance Coach Badge.
The Heroic brand, including the Heroic Performance Coach Badge, should not be used on products or items for resale without Heroic’s written consent.
Graphic devices, such as outlines, drop shadows, color etc., should not be used on the Heroic Performance Coach Badge.
As a Certified Heroic Performance Coach, you may not represent yourself as working for Heroic Public Benefit Corporation, including on LinkedIn, business cards, resumes, or your own websites/ service collateral.

The Heroic Performance Coach Badge

Certified Heroic Performance Coaches may use this logo alongside your personal brand on business cards, websites, and other promotional material.

Clear Area

To protect the legibility of the Heroic Performance Coach Badge a clear area of 1/8 inch should be left around it. No other text or image should be placed within this area.


The Heroic Performance Coach Badge should only appear as provided, in the colors provided, with no alterations.

Single Color Logo Version

Sometimes the logo must appear in an environment where the preferred 2-color method is not an option. In the case of black and white printing or a non-specified background color, logo should appear in solid black or reversed out white.

Heroic Language

You can use this language from Heroic:

More consistently show up as the best version of ourselves.
Closing the gap between who we’re capable of being and who we’re actually being.
Give our greatest gifts in heroic service to the world.
Moving from Theory to Practice to Mastery.
“Heroic Protocol” anf “Heroic Target Practice”
The “best self-development app in the world”
The Big 3. (Energy Work Love.)
The Fundamentals.
Antifragile Confidence + Heroic Courage + Response-Ability

You can also use/ edit these templated descriptions of how your Heroic Coach certification / declaration amplifies your ability to support others in your marketing / branding / service description:

As a Certified Heroic Performance CoachI’ve demonstrated my commitment to master ancient wisdom, modern science, and the fundamentals of optimal living – in my own life and in service to others.
As a Certified Heroic Performance CoachI commit daily to do my best to operationalize virtue and be a radiant exemplar, continuously turning wisdom into practice and mastery in my own life, so I can support others to do the same.
I’m committed to continuously master ancient wisdom, modern science, and the fundamentals of optimal living. As a Certified Heroic Coach, I’ve demonstrated my commitment to putting the Heroic Protocol into practice in my own life, and to supporting others to do the same.

Titles and Credentials

We ask that until you have completed the certification and received appropriate approval from Heroic, you refer to yourself as an “Heroic Student Coach”.

Jane Smith, Heroic Student Coach

Once you have completed all the requirements and received final approval you can then refer to yourself as follows:

Certified Heroic Coach, Level 1 or Level 2 Certified Heroic Coach.
Heroic Coach
Heroic Certified Coach

Use of Heroic Name

The word “Heroic” should also only be used to describe what you as opposed to defining who you are. You should not define yourself or your business as “Heroic”. From the outside looking in we want to make sure that there is clear delineation between the Heroic PBC and those who are Coaches of the work.

John Doe, Certified Heroic Coach, Level 1

Heroic by John Doe
Heroic of San Diego OR Heroic San Diego
Heroic Performance
Heroic Life Coaching
Heroic Retreats

Place image of Logo with San Diego included.

Website Domain Names

Maintaining clear differentiation between Heroic Public Benefit Corp and Coaches that are certified in the Heroic Protocol is important when it comes to establishing online identities. When establishing your company’s website name, please remember that all of the naming guidelines listed above still apply. The word “Heroic” as it applies to this work may not be used in the URL of your website, social handles, or your business name.

Social Media Handles

All of the previously listed guidelines on the use of the Heroic name also apply when creating social media handles. If you would like to create a social media handle to promote your services please use “Heroic Coach” alongside your own name. Heroic should not be used as part of your social media handle outside of these guidelines.



How to use Facebook
Post on our wall or create an identity with your name, followed by “Certified Heroic Coach” or “Heroic Coach”.

How to use Twitter
We love to hear from you on Twitter. The same guidelines for Twitter handles apply as with all uses of the Heroic name. One great way to get your message out is to use the hash tag #Heroic. Your tweets will then be available for anyone looking for Heroic tweets. Also, we love to hear from you so let us know what you are sharing and include @___________” in your tweet.

Feel free to link people to videos or information posted on our website.
Please do not copy, repost or post Heroic created videos on public sites such as You Tube, in presentations, or in communications with clients without prior written consent from Heroic.

Custom Marketing Materials

You may use any of the marketing materials created by Heroic and provided to you in your Heroic Coach Toolbox, or you may create your own adhering to the following guidelines. Should you have any questions regarding what you can and can’t do, please submit your request by emailing ____________________________. Please allow a minimum of 48 hours for approval

Content Sharing

We encourage you to use and share the various content and resources offered by Heroic. To support you, we have created a toolbox of content intended for you to do just that. As a participant in this Training, you will have access to a secured section of the site that will contain a host of support materials that you can use or share along your journey. In addition, we encourage you to have your friends or clients have the appropriate subscription so they can access any all of the other relevant content you may want to suggest that are not a part of the toolbox. Sharing Heroic content that is not in the toolbox with someone who is not an Heroic subscriber would require the express written consent of Heroic.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is a PN and/or a 101 that really changed my life. I’d love to share it with a friend/client. Can I send them the PDF?

Awesome! We love hearing that our work has improved your life and that you want to share it with someone you care about. Our content is protected by copyright law and should not be distributed directly. However, if you direct people to our site, where they can receive +1’s for free, or subscribe to get access to the content library, you can freely curate and share the relevant material links.

I’d like to create my own class/sessions using the concepts and/or outline from a 101 and a coaching session. I would be putting it in my own words and creating my own materials to support it. Is that ok?

Is that ok? No, that’s awesome! That’s exactly what you should be doing, and we are honored to be able to provide you with the framework and inspiration to go out and apply what you’ve learned. Of course, you should reference Heroic when appropriate.

If I purchased a URL does this mean I own that name? Can I use the word Heroic in that domain?

You may own the domain, but the use of “Heroic" in your domain is unlicensed and against our policies.

If I am a Certified Heroic Coach, how can I use the name legally?

As a certified Coach, you can say that you use the Heroic wisdom, protocol, methods, etc., and that you’re part of the extended Heroic family, but you may not represent yourself directly or indirectly as a representative of Heroic. You can call yourself a Certified Heroic Performance Coach. You may list your Heroic qualification on a business card, resume, or website bio/qualifications type of page. Upon becoming a licensed partner you will have the legal right to use the Heroic name for business and/or promotional purposes.

If I become a Certified Coach, does this mean I can certify people to be Heroic Coaches?

Only Heroic Enterprises, Public Benefit Corp can certify people. The only way to obtain a
Heroic certification is through one of our certification courses.

What material from Heroic can I use to promote my business?

You can link to anything on the main Heroic site, but you CANNOT download our material and host it on your own site (e.g., videos, content, worksheets etc). You can use any material freely available on the site with proper attribution.

Logos and/or slogans associated with Heroic may not be used in products for re-sale without prior written permission from Heroic.

Can there be more than one Certified Coach in one town, city, state, neighborhood?

Yes. We do not limit the number of Coaches in any given area.

How do I market my business?

While we do plan to provide Coach support in these areas, the best marketing strategy we can recommend is to be a radiant exemplar, and care deeply about the progress of your clients. As our friend Cal Newport says “be so great they can’t ignore you”!

Can I set my own rates?

Absolutely. There’s a lot to think about when it comes to setting rates. This subject is covered several times throughout the program and we offer several recommendations to how to approach this topic, but in the end, how you set your rates is entirely up to you.

Do I have to pay Heroic a percentage of my rates?

No. This is a coach training program that certifies that you completed our training to our standards. This is not a franchise, employee relationship, referral program or business relationship that would require you to compensate us outside of your fees for the program and any continuing education requirements. The role of Heroic is to train you in the Heroic Protocol and then to support you in your skill development as a coach. From there, how you design and building your business, create your programs/services, and build your brand is entirely up to you.

Do I need insurance?

Yes, in order to complete your certification you must send us proof of insurance. You will need liability insurance and you will need to name Heroic as an additional
insured. Upon obtaining insurance, please email proof of coverage to ___________________.If you are not already covered by existing professional liability insurance, check out the following website to find an individual policy: ______________________________________