Let’s Make 2023 the Greatest Year of Your Life!

It's time!!!

After a three-year hiatus, we're reconnecting in person as a full community for an immersive weekend we're calling Heroic 2022. 🥳

You'll walk away from the event feeling energized, confident, radiantly alive, and ready to close 2022 strong and make 2023 the best year of your life.

It's going to be AWESOME.

Before we get to the details, check out this short video of a recent Live Coaching with Brian call, where Chris Graham, a Coach - Class I participant who attended our last event similar to Heroic 2022, said it was...

“One of THE highlights of my 50 years on the planet.”

... and share why he's so excited about Heroic 2022 and why he thinks you should be too:

Heroic 2022: Overview

Here's the big-picture, quick look at all the awesomeness we'll be packing into the 3-day event.

On the programming side of things (which is ALL DAY Friday + Saturday morning + Sunday morning), we'll be getting inspired with next-level theory from Brian, including the latest tools he's personally using to lead himself + our business + our movement, and more.

Speaking of tools, Phil Stutz (author of The Tools and Coming Alive, therapist and coach to world-leading figures in Hollywood and beyond, and the inspiration behind so many Optimize +1s and practical tools in the Heroic app) will be joining us for a unique experience none of us will soon forget.

We'll also be joined by Brian Cain, one of THE leading authorities on mental performance and a long-time student of Heroic. Brian has personally coached UFC World Champions, multiple NCAA National Champions, and hundreds of athletes in the UFC, NBA, PGA, NFL, NHL, and MLB. He'll be teaching us 10 Pillars of Mental Performance Mastery, plus inviting a few more top-secret special guests (🤫) to share how THEY apply mental performance (as well as the PhilosophersNotes they ALL read + the daily behaviors they track!) to dominate their domains.

On Saturday afternoon, we'll IMMEDIATELY (Theory → Practice!) get the chance to apply everything we're learning to conquer a Spartan race together (and/or encouraging those on the course) at the Castaic Lake State Recreation Area, one hour north of LA. We're also planning to do so as the largest team in Spartan history.

Note: In case you’ve got a voice in your head saying “I could never do a Spartan race,” you should know that A) you’re not alone (even Brian had/has that voice) and B) that voice is most likely lying to you and C) the hardest part is getting to the starting line and D) when you cross the finish line (which you WILL, with the help of an army of Heroes alongside you) you'll have gained more courage, confidence, and enthusiasm to tackle anything life throws at you.

Then, we'll culminate the event by channeling everything we've experienced into Greatest Year Ever 2023 - LIVE, which Brian will leading us through as we prepare to close 2022 strong and make 2023 the best year of our lives!!!

We'll also be celebrating the graduation of everyone who's earned a certification (or advanced certification) in our Coach program.


It's all happening in the presence and power of an astonishing community of radiantly alive Optimizing Heroes that you're going to LOVE connecting with... and maybe even forming a few life-long friendships. (Again, see that video of Chris above!)

Come join us as we take over the Sheraton Gateway hotel in Los Angeles with programming starting the morning of Friday, December 9th and going through mid-day on Sunday, December 11th.

General admission tickets are $599 USD currently $499 USD with advanced ticket pricing. Plus, you'll have the opportunity to add an optional Spartan Upgrade during checkout for discounted race entry, transportation, and more.

We'll kick things off on Friday morning at the Sheraton Gateway, Los Angeles, and go back and forth between dedicated programming, guided practices, intentional activities for connecting as a community, and free space to hang out with other attendees or explore local attractions.

On Saturday, after getting inspired with morning programming at the Sheraton, those joining us for the Spartan will be boarding busses and heading one hour north of Los Angeles to the Castaic Lake State Recreation Area, for an outdoor party and a Spartan race.

Programming on Sunday will be back at the Sheraton Gateway, and will wrap up by 2pm Sunday afternoon.

Brian will be teaching us his latest, greatest, absolute best wisdom, including Greatest Year Ever 2023 - Live, as well the most recent Tools he’s personally been using to lead himself + our business + our movement.

We’ll also be leading some of our favorite individual and group practices, along with guided exercises and intentional experiences to connect as a community.

Plus, we'll be joined by a few (VERY!) special guests.

Brian Cain, one of THE leading authorities on mental performance (who has personally coached UFC World Champions, multiple NCAA National Champions, and hundreds of athletes in the UFC, NBA, PGA, NFL, NHL, and MLB) will be teaching us 10 Pillars of Mental Performance Mastery and inviting a few more top-secret special guests (🤫) to share how THEY apply mental performance to dominate their domains.


In addition to being one of the most respected peak performance coaches in the world, Brian Cain is also a long-time student of Brian Johnson's who incorporates Heroic into the work he does with his elite athletes and teams.

So not only will we be going next level with our mental performance, we’ll ALSO be learning how the best in the world leverage PhilosophersNotes and daily behavior tracking to reach world-champion levels of success. Theory to Practice to Mastery = Heroic! (Coaches, you're ESPECIALLY going to love this part!)

If you weren't already fired up, check this out:

Plus Phil Stutz (author of The Tools and Coming Alive, therapist and coach to world-leading figures in Hollywood and beyond (including our Founder and CEO Brian), and the inspiration behind so many Optimize +1s and practical tools in the Heroic app) will be joining us for a unique experience we're SUPER excited about about.

For a small taste of what that will be like, check out our collection of wisdom Phil inspired here, OR this special 8-minute micro-masterclass we produced with Phil on how to conquer the fear of fear and discover that there’s literally no limit to your growth:

Saturday morning will start with a pre-race pep-talk by Brian at the hotel before we board a fleet of busses to make our way to the Castaic Lake State Recreation Area, just north of LA.

There, we'll be hanging out with one another outdoors and stepping up to the starting line of a Spartan Sprint (or cheering on those who do!), to conquer the course: going over, under, and through the 20 obstacles covering the 5k distance, together!

Everyone who attends Heroic 2022 will be invited to join us in celebrating the exemplary individuals who have stepped up to the level of Mastery and done what it takes to earn an official Coach certification.

For those of you who are in Coach and have earned your diploma declaration, whether you're checking the box on the last requirement by completing the Spartan race with us in L.A., or you earned your certification a year or more ago and have been waiting for the opportunity to celebrate in person, we can't wait to recognize your accomplishment.

Join us December 9th-11th LIVE in Los Angeles, California for Heroic 2022: an immersive weekend where we'll get inspired with Theory and Practice to activate our potential in 2023 and beyond, conquer obstacles on the course as the largest team ever to complete a Spartan Race + celebrate Coach Graduation for Classes II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, and VIII + connect with a community of Optimizing Heroes committed to changing the world, together.

Let's gooooooo!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I come even if I’m not in the Coach program or getting certified?


This is an immersive weekend for living Heroically. If you are reading this page, that means that YOU are invited (and encouraged!) to join us.

If you were previously or are currently in our Coach program, (or considering it in the future), this is also an opportunity to hit the Spartan together and complete your "energetic best" requirement for the program.

Where Should I Stay?

The event will be held at the Sheraton Gateway Los Angeles Hotel, so if you want to be right near the action, stay there! We've secured a rate of $149 USD/room/night (King or Double Queen) that you can book through >>this link<< and includes:

  • Complimentary guest room WiFi
  • Complimentary airport shuttle to and from LAX
  • Complimentary Access to Pool and Fitness Center
  • Discounted Valet Parking ($25 for day parking and $35 overnight)

Rooms are first-come, first-serve, and limited in quantity, so we encourage you to book the room as soon as you've got your ticket. (Note: The rate we're getting is currently $50+ lower than any publicly posted rate.)

And, if you want to extend your stay in Los Angeles, the hotel will honor the rate for you from December 6th - 14th.

What is a Spartan Sprint?

Philosophically: the opportunity to show yourself that you're capable of more than you think, to use obstacles as fuel for growth, to gain an embodied understanding of the declaration for hope (I have an inspiring goal, agency, and pathways), and to demonstrate your being at your athlete best.. and we're all athletes, which literally means "a contestant competing for a prize," and can be applied to life as a whole and winning the prize of expressing the best, most Heroic versions of ourselves.

Technically: a Spartan Sprint is a 5k (3.1 mile) obstacle course race you can walk or run, with 20 obstacles, held on off-road terrain featuring water and mud. You’ll climb walls, crawl under wire, traverse monkey bars, aim a spear throw, and more.

It's AWESOME. And, we race together, as a team, which means your fellow Heroes will be alongside you and supporting you every step of the way.

Is the Spartan Race optional?

Yes, but we do hope you join us in our quest to break the Spartan record for the largest team EVER!

At our 2019 team Spartan, we had racers from age 18 to 80’s, some very fit and some carrying extra weight, some who had completed far longer races and others for whom this was the longest distance they'd ever traveled on foot.

And.. many who thought at first they couldn't complete the course, or that it was ridiculous, or that there was no way they were going to even attempt, not only FINISHED but said it was one of the most powerful experiences of their lives.

We'll see you (😉) at the starting line!

What’s the Refund Policy?

We're excited (and committed!) to create an awesomely epic event that you're going to remember forever.

Doing so calls for an advanced financial, relational, and organizational investment that requires a different refund policy than those offered for our digital product.

So, the refund policy for Heroic 2022 is as follows:

  • Up to 60 days prior to the event: 100% refund
  • 60-30 days prior to the event: 75% refund:
  • Inside of 30 days prior to the event: tickets are not refundable.

Tickets can also be transferred at any point, at your request, for no charge. (Note: Ticket transfer is limited to changing the name of the person for who the ticket is held. Heroic is not responsible for and will not help facilitate or manage any additional transactional elements, hotel reservations, etc.)

Is food included?

Food is not included in the event ticket price.

The hotel has multiple food options, and food can be delivered to the hotel via numerous 3rd party stores and restaurants.

We will provide daily coffee service and water refill stations.

Can I bring my friends/ family?

YES! All ages are welcome and partners can join too.

Tickets are required for all attendees 14 or older. (This is also Spartan’s age requirement to run the Sprint Course).

Heroic will not be providing any child-specific programming or child care, but there are several resources you can take advantage of in the LA area.

Will we get to explore Los Angeles?

That depends on when you arrive and depart, what you'd like to prioritize, and whether or not you chose to complete the Spartan with us.

Programming will end by 4pm each day, leaving the evenings free for connecting, exploring, or early-sunsets and sleeping.

Our venue is also a short drive or Uber away from some of LA’s biggest attractions, like Venice Beach where you can rent a bike and explore the coastline!

What’s the schedule?

Official programming (with plenty of opportunities to connect and oscillation breaks!) will run:

Friday, Dec 9th: 9am - 4pm @ the Sheraton Gateway Los Angeles Hotel

Saturday, Dec 10th: 9am - 10am @ the Sheraton Gateway Los Angeles Hotel, 10am - 4pm @ Castaic Lake State Recreation Area for our history-making Spartan race! (Note: Those not participating in the Spartan will have from 10am - 4pm on Saturday free to connect with other participants or explore LA on their own.

Sunday, Dec 11th: 9am - 2pm @ the Sheraton Gateway Los Angeles Hotel

NOTE: Specific content and times WILL evolve.

BONUS: On Thursday, Dec 8th we’ll be helping to coordinate optional opportunities for Heroic Connections. These are not part of the official weekend program.

When should I arrive/depart?

If you are traveling from out of town, plan to be here in time for things to get kicked off at 9am Friday morning, and to end at 2pm Sunday afternoon.

Our venue offers complimentary airport shuttle service to and from LAX for those staying at the Sheraton.

If you want to come early (or stay late!) we're also planning to help coordinate optional opportunities for Heroic Connections on Thursday, Dec 8th, but they're not part of the “official” weekend program.